Friday, January 27, 2012

XOXO, Atmosphere

1. Be Mine Card $5 2. Kimono Fabric Flower Hair Clip $27 3. Vintage Lockets $44 & $38 4. Modern Love Card $6 5. Votivo Aromatic Candle in Red Currant $28  6 . Vintage Silver Milagro $36 7. My Heart on a Platter Card $6 8. She Troubled Him Deeply From the Day They Met Card $6

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Drink Like Don Draper

I'm obsessed. You too? Can't wait for the final season to begin? The sound of the theme music alone gets me twitching.

I'm sure you not-so-secretly want to be Don Draper or want to do him. Though we can't make you as handsome, suave, or as well dressed as he, we CAN help you drink in style a la Don Draper with these very cool vintage '60's glasses.  They look just like the ones that Don uses in his office at Sterling Cooper! Well, mostly.  Ok so, the ones he uses are a little smaller and a little rounder but come on, these are pretty close!

In perfect condition and available at Atmosphere:

$65 for a set of 8, any size
Great gift idea for the Don in your life!

And here's Mr. Draper himself, see? Proof!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Songs We Love: Baby Says by The Kills

I'm sort of obsessed with The Kills right now. They have such good style, good music, not to mention the fact that Jaime Hince is Mr. Kate Moss or the fact that Alison Mosshart is in ANOTHER super sweet band with Jack White, The Dead Weather.  We pretty much love all of the songs off of their newest album "Blood Pressures," which you know if you've come into Atmosphere lately.  Its been on heavy rotation on the store's iPod basically since it came out.  We especially love the song "Baby Says," so here's a video of Alison and Jaime [of The Kills, duh] doing an acoustic version of the song.  So see what all the cool kids are listening to these days, and check out the rest of the album!

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