Ironside, M. Seifert, R (2001) The impact of Private Finance Initiative/Public Private Partnerships on employment relations and conditions, Evidence to the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee

‘Investigation into bullying in the Bedfordshire Fire Service’ for Bedford County Council, 2004

‘A critical account of the Bain report into the Fire Service’ for the FBU, 2005

‘A critique of the government’s plans to merge police forces’ for the Police Federation 2006

‘An impact analysis of changes to the reward and performance systems in the National Statistics Office’ for the NSO, 2006

‘An assessment of the future of police pay machinery with a comment on the Booth report and Pay Review Bodies’ for the Police Federation, 2007

Alternative vision for the Land Registry, PCS report 2009 (with Mike Ironside)

BME local government workers, for UNISON, 2010 (with Mike Ironside)

Commentary for the PFEW on the Winsor report into police pay, April 2011

Commentary for the PFEW on the Neyroud report into a professional body for the police, June 2011

Written evidence to the Winsor review of police pay, August 2011


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