About the retreat

Come open your heart with us on a 5-day Cacao* retreat on a permaculture farm in the rural mountains of Costa Rica. Through sacred heart medicine, ceremony, and ancient wisdom practices we will explore our inner worlds, release old patterns and leave with a deeper connection to the Earth and ourselves.

This is the perfect place to reflect on the past year and create heart-based intentions for the year to come. With a powerful fire ceremony on New Year’s Eve, a Full Moon Transmissions Sound Ceremony on January 1st, and Visioning Circles on January 2nd, we will harness the energy of this incredibly powerful time so that you can enter 2018 with clarity, openness, and universal support for what will come.  

Come join us

Registration closes December 1st


The Experience

Go deep with Cacao through daily shamanic ceremonies, song, dance, meditation and yoga classes. Cacao (the raw ingredient of chocolate) has been used as a heart opener by indigenous cultures for 3,500 years. Cacao’s active ingredients increase blood flow in the body and release ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain resulting in an expansive, uplifted state. From this place, a deeper connection to your heart, and the ability to let go of blockages, is more easily accessible.

Create the life of your dreams as we cross the threshold into the new year and honor the full wolf moon on Jan 1st. Through guided shamanic journeys, visioning circles, and a powerful fire ceremony on New Year’s Eve, we will release what no longer serves us and clarify our visions of what we want to manifest in 2018.

Connect to Nature by getting your hands in the dirt on the land, bathing in the beautiful Rio Tulin, waking to the sounds of the jungle and learning about reforestation and permaculture projects from the VerdEnergia founders.

Uplevel your health with daily yoga and meditation, breathing in fresh jungle air, drinking fresh spring water, and eating the most delicious local home-cooked foods filled with good prana.

Venue + Transportation

VerdEnergia Pacifica is not your typical retreat center. We’ll nourish ourselves on a cooperatively-owned permaculture community and reforestation project located in the rural mountains of Pursical, Costa Rica. With an open air yoga space, earth altars spread throughout the property and epic outdoor firepits, we’ll reconnect with the beauty of the natural elements around us.

We’ll have ample opportunity to connect with Mother Earth in this rustic indoor/outdoor lifestyle by showering in the river, natural pool or on site shower, and using private compostable toilets. This is an exciting opportunity to become part of a natural ecosystem and get in touch with our primal, wild nature.


To get to VerdEnergia, fly into San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) and we’ll have 1 shuttle leaving at 11am and 1 at 5pm from the airport on December 30th. We recommend arriving 2 hours before the shuttle leaves.

On January 4th shuttles will leave VerdEnergia at 6am and 10am, arriving at SJO ~3 hours later.

Pricing + Registration

Shared Accommodations: $1100

Private Accommodations: $1350

What’s included:

  • 5 nights in the Costa Rican Jungle

  • Transportation to and from SJO airport

  • Access to the onsite swimming pool + Rio Tulin

  • New year + Full Moon Intention setting ceremonies

  • Local, ceremonial grade Cacao

  • 3 healthy locally-sourced meals a day

  • Yoga + meditation Classes

  • Cacao, song, and fire ceremonies

  • A farm tour & the opportunity to get your hands in the dirt

  • A group discussion with the VerdEnergia founders

Come join us

Registration closes December 1st

Testimonials from past retreats

It's rare to find organized witches -- and I must say that Sena and Maggie are those rare gems. They brought together a truly integrated, balanced and deeply transformational healing retreat beyond my wildest imagination. We connected with amazing medicine women, deeply honored the land, culture and traditions of the healing practices we studied, bonded with the most baddass sisters ever, and played wildly. This retreat was healing, restful and life changing. I'm still integrating Tesora's retreat and the blessings upon blessings that have birthed out of it. It was truly of the best things I've ever done for myself. - Dana

The experience that the women behind Tesora Sacred Travel curated on their inaugural retreat, Courage 2.0, in Peru in April 2017 was beautiful, liberating, transformative and nourishing on so many levels. The food, daily yoga classes, and serene, green setting at the eco-lodge where we stayed invigorated both body and soul. The plant medicine work we engaged in was deeply healing and helped me explore things I had buried deep in my heart. I emerged feeling completely renewed. I felt (and still feel, and don't expect that to change!) so supported by Maggie and Sena and the group of women who attended, and that we formed a life-long bond built around our shared experience during the retreat. On a scale of 1-10 I'd rate this retreat a 10 in a heartbeat! - Emily

This retreat was an amazing way to connect with a group of like minded ladies, and dig into some deep inner work in an incredibly safe and nurturing environment.  I finished feeling more enlightened and rejuvenated, with a greater sense of self and my journey.  - Jess