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Sprinkled between the recipes, the authors share their memories of food, the challenges of being dairy-free in Wisconsin and helpful hints about preparation and ingredients.  Though there are no photos, the color pages are well-designed. Recipes even include nutritional information.  A Chinese takeout box logo lets readers know when a recipe is “faster than take-out”.  The book is a collection of creations from a family that loves to eat and loves to cook.  Expect some real gems in here.

GIG Quarterly, Volume 33 Winter 2010


The Intolerant Family Cookbook is full of easy to prepare and delicious recipes appropriate for anyone on a GFCG diet.  The book is appropriate for all families but makes cooking much easier for those not eating gluten or dairy.

Jen Cafferty in the Gluten Free Food Examiner


The book’s recipes are well written and easy to follow with a complete set of nutritionals at the end of each.  The important thing is the food tastes great.  You will find that the recipes encompass a complete world of food, from starters to party snacks and soups, salads, main courses, veggies, bread and even a large selection of desserts.



Recipes, which all include nutritional analyses, are easy to follow and rarely spill over onto the next page.  Helpful cooking tips and reassuring anecdotes are sprinkled throughout.  The paper is durable heavy stock and the rust and cream colors are warm and inviting.  The recipes are appealing but not difficult and are all … within reach of beginning cooks.

Nancy Stohs in the Milwaukee Journal  Sentinel  April 28, 2010


This is not just another book with the basics, although the recipes included are not difficult to prepare. What I mean is that there are many ethnic recipes and some new ingredients that you may be unfamiliar with using in cooking, such as tomatillos, fish sauce and fresh ginger. Many recipes are even marked with a “Faster than take-out” icon. Many of the recipes are unusual and can really expand my repertoire. I’m really excited to get started on some of these interesting dishes!

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