Calgary Muslim Summit (CMS2014)

Preventing Criminal Radicalization through Youth Empowerment

(by invitation only)

This summit is brought to you by several organizations that serve and represent Calgary’s 60,000 Muslims. Our primary objective from this summit is to improve the way we participate with law enforcement, government, academia, media, and other stakeholders in preventing crime and promoting youth empowerment. We believe that by working together to empower youth we can prevent criminal radicalization.

We believe that through authentic partnerships and a shared vision for a safer Canada we can begin to overcome the multiple challenges ahead. Furthermore, you will discover first-hand the research, training, counselling, and community development activities our Muslim youth experts are engaged in on this matter. In short, we are intimately aware of the issues facing our growing and diverse Muslim community and invite you to join us in protecting and empowering our younger population.

 When: Thursday, September 11, 2014,  from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Where: Calgary Islamic Centre (SW Mosque) – 5615 14 Ave SW, Calgary AB

RSVP : By September 8, 2014 by emailing [email protected] , note that attending is by invitation

 Event Schedule


A brief orientation to the Masjid and a visual tour (8:30 am – 8:50 am)
Registration for guests / Press Conference for Media (9:00 am – 9:25 am)
Speaker 1 – MCC – Imam Fayaz Tilly (9:30 am)

Macro and Societal Level

Speaker 2 – MCC - Abdul WM Souraya (9:40 am)
Speaker 3 – Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson  (9:50 am)
Speaker 4 – GOVT. Honourable Teresa Woo-Paw (10:00 am)
Speaker 5 : President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calgary – Dr. Elizabeth Cannon   (10:10 am)
Speaker 6:  US Consul General Peter Kujawinski (10:20 am)

Break  — 10:30 am

Family Level

Speaker 7 – HAYAT Christianne Boudreau  (10:40 am)
Speaker 8 – Think for Actions Dahlia Mostafa (10:50 am)

Community Level and School Level ( including for-Profit Sector)

Speaker 9 – IMYD Rahamatullah Siddique (11:00 am)

Individual Level and Aligning the Efforts in the Strategy

Speaker 12 – 3OWN Mahdi Qasqas (11:30 am)

Mosque Tour — 11:40 am

Lunch  — 12:00 pm

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