Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give Atmosphere! Our Holiday Gift Guide

A collection of must-have and must-give gift ideas available at Atmosphere right this very minute.

Just for fun.

V&A Garden Tools $30-38

Flying Aeroplane $13

Stash boxes $8-19.50

Bright hourglasses $23

Flasks $28

Sparkle and shine.

Precious Metals Bowls (set of 3) $145

Designer Loren Adams jewelry $164-$350

Bracelets $26-38

Multi-strand Necklaces Pewter and Antiqued Gold $42

Wood is good.

Laser Etched Boards $16
Butcher's Block Boards $94-148

Farm Animal Boards $32
Tasting Spoons $46


Cheese please.

Marble Board $32 with Rosewood Utensils $45
Corkscrews $15

Artisan Cheese board with Dome $34
Cheese Knives sets $55-65

Glass and Ceramics to die for.

Carafes $30

Clear Glass Vases $10-31.25

Un Verre D'Amitie and Eau Minerale $11

Country Estate Serving Ware $38-175

Something catch your eye? Give us a call at 347.763.0881 to order or say Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Know Nothing.

My long gone, Polish born grandfather, had an expression he often used which would elicit laughter around Grandma's holiday table. "Ja nic ne wiem," he'd say. Very roughly (and I think in improper Polish) it translated to "I know nothing."

As I start this blog I need to make a few things perfectly clear:

  • I know nothing, so don't you come lookin' to me for no expert advice. Ain't happening here. At best, I'm a novice at many things.
  • I have many opinions . Yep, that's right. Someone who knows nothing is going to tell you what she thinks about lots of stuff.
  • Popular culture references are lost on me. Don't expect them or make them here. No idea who was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Can't tell you where Jay-Z and Beyonce ate last weekend. Haven't been to a movie since 2001. Bridget Jones's Diary. Got so mad at my boyfriend for just being a man. Big fight! Never again.

So that's it. Anything else goes. Let's see where this takes us!

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