5 Smart Ways to Secure Your Home Before Camping Trips

Camping is the ultimate escape from daily life. It’s a chance to get back to nature and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. The anticipation and excitement oftentimes distract homeowners from properly securing their houses before leaving. While you’re busy prepping for your outdoor adventure, it’s important not to forget about what’s going on at home!

Here are five nifty ways to secure your place before you hit the trail, ensuring that you can enjoy your trip without a worry in the world.

1. Befriend Your Neighbors

Talking to neighbors might seem like a chore, but building that relationship can be a real lifesaver when you’re away. Let a trustworthy neighbor know about your trip and give them a spare key, asking them to keep an eye on things. They can collect your mail, feed your fish, or even put out your trash bins. Having someone physically present makes your home less appealing to potential intruders.

If you feel inspired to take this to the next level, consider reaching out to a professional house sitter, property management company, or realtor. These types of people can come in handy if you plan to go away camping for very long periods of time. For example, realtors that help homeowners sell houses are familiar with how to properly secure properties. They are accustomed to locking up homes after doing showings. Realtors are sometimes happy to lend a hand for free knowing that they can build a trusted relationship with you and eventually work with you down the road.

2. Use Smart Technology

The tech world is your oyster when it comes to home security. Smart lights, cameras, and even door locks can be controlled right from your smartphone. Schedule lights to go on at different times, or randomly turn them on and off to simulate your presence. Install surveillance cameras that send alerts to your phone if there’s any suspicious activity.

There are even smart water sensors that can notify you if there’s a leak! Invest a little in these gadgets, and you’ll not only make your home safer but also give yourself the peace of mind to truly unplug and enjoy your camping trip. It’s home security, 21st-century style.

3. Don’t Post on Social Media

We all love sharing our lives on social media, but announcing to the world that your house is empty might not be the wisest move. Save those pre-trip selfies and adventurous updates for when you return. You can even make a grand collage or album of your escapades. By then, you’ll have so many amazing stories and pictures, it’ll be worth the wait.

If you’re worried about missing out on real-time engagement, consider sharing your trip with a close circle of friends or a private group. That way, you get to keep in touch without putting your home at risk. Your house might not have a social media profile, but it sure will appreciate the discretion.

4. Double-Check Your Locks

Locking up seems like the most obvious step, but you’d be surprised how often it’s overlooked. Check all windows and doors, including the garage and any sliding doors. Do a walk-through and then another, and maybe even have a family member double-check your work. It might seem overly cautious, but that extra attention can make all the difference.

Consider using timers for indoor lights or even a radio, adding to the illusion that someone’s home. Also, reconsider leaving any hidden spare keys outside. If you can find them, so can a determined intruder. Basic as it may be, this method’s effectiveness has stood the test of time for a reason. Lockboxes and digital locks are becoming more common now. These help homeowners avoid leaving a vulnerable key outside somewhere.

5. Invest in a Trusted Home Security Service

Sometimes, peace of mind requires a professional touch. A reliable home security service can be your eyes and ears while you’re away, giving you the freedom to focus on roasting marshmallows rather than worrying about what’s happening back home. Modern security services offer features like 24/7 monitoring, emergency response coordination, and real-time notifications sent directly to your mobile device.

Many even provide yard signs and window decals that alone can deter potential burglars. Take the time to research different providers and packages to find something that fits your needs and budget. And if you’re an avid camper, the long-term investment could pay off not just in security but also in sheer relaxation, knowing that professionals are safeguarding your property.

Secure Your Home and Go Camping

With your home snug and secure, all that’s left to do is enjoy your adventure. Neighborly connections go a long way when leaving your home for a long time. Leverage people in the community, technology, and a sound lockup routine to ensure your home will be safe once you leave. The last thing you want to worry about while camping is if your home is safe.

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