Best Oven or Stove for Your RV: Top 9 Reviewed for 2022

If you own an RV, then you might be aware of the perks that an RV oven or stove brings in. Whether it is planning a trip or a weekend getaway, an RV without an …

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If you own an RV, then you might be aware of the perks that an RV oven or stove brings in. Whether it is planning a trip or a weekend getaway, an RV without an option to prepare a versatile hot meal is not a great choice.

But, on the other hand, you might want your trip and RVing filled with fun and food. And that is why you should buy an RV oven or stove.

Thinking about which RV oven or stove would be best for you? Do not worry; we are sharing a variety of RV ovens and stoves with details here.

Types of RV Ovens and Stoves

You should have more details about the different types of RV ovens and stoves that are available in the market before deciding to buy one. Here are the types of RV ovens and stoves that you should know about:

1. RV Oven and Stove Combo

RV stove

These can be installed anywhere in the rig as they are freestanding. These are also the most traditional options. They run on propane, so they could be considered a better option for those who do not want electric hookups. They are also space-efficient.

2. Outdoor Camp Ovens

outdoor ovens

This also runs on propane, like the RV oven and stove combo. In comparison to the RV oven and stove combo, these are also cheaper. But they can be only used outdoors. So, if the weather is bad or some other outdoor problem is there, then cooking might be difficult.

3. Cooktops

RV cooktops

Cooktops do not have an oven. They are smaller, lighter, and less expensive. However, they do take up counter space. It is also a little difficult to install them. They are less costly. Their starting price is around $150. But to install them, costs might be incurred in customizing the RV kitchen.

4. RV Convection Oven

RV convection oven

These ovens could be the best choice who wants to cook using electricity. They come in different rigs, and the size is almost like a large microwave. Most of them function as an oven as well as microwaves. These ovens are also cost-effective as the price of these ovens is as low as $200.

5. Wall Oven

RV wall oven

These ovens run mostly on electricity and are flexible. You can install them on your RV kitchen wall at any height. As they are electric, they perform better than the models run on gas.

9 Best RV Ovens and Stoves Available in Market

There are many RV ovens and stoves available in the market. Here is a list of some of the best ones. You can check them out and see which one matches your criteria.

1. Nutrichef PKRTO28 Convection Oven

It is a portable and electric RV oven. It has two hot plates at the top, which could be used for stir-frying and boiling. To suit different cooking needs, these plates are of three different sizes. You can cook in different styles because it allows baking, grilling, and toasting, which makes it a good choice for versatile cooking. It also has built-in safety measures as it shuts off automatically after an hour. It has overall power of 1,400 watts and can heat up to 450 oF. Although it has a large capacity, it is also compact to fit in limited space.

Have a look at the Nutrichef PKRTO28 Convection Oven

2. Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven

It is a very good option for outdoor camping. It has two brass burners which offer around 9,000 BTU, and another 3,000 BTU, which is delivered by the Oven. You do not have to use a match to ignite it because it comes with a built-in igniter. Cleaning this oven is easy because of its nonstick enamel cooking surface. It comes with side handles which makes it portable to take it outside for camping. You can also do versatile cooking by using this oven. It has a stainless-steel interior and deluxe unit cover, which protects the stove when it is not in use.

Have a look at the Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven

3. Flame King YSNHT600 Cooktop Stove

This travel trailer stove is portable and has dual burners. The smaller burner generates 5,200 BTUs, while the larger one produces around 7,200 BTUs. This propane stove is compact and comes with a cover that helps in guarding flames when using it outside. It also has flame control. This means that you can change the flame from high to low.

Have a look at the Flame King YSNHT600 Cooktop Stove

4. RecPro RV Stove Gas Range

It provides a stovetop and an oven. This unit is three-burner and is big enough with an inner volume of 51 liters and outer dimensions of around 17.75 inches deep and 20.25 inches wide. It has a stovetop cover and a precise temperature dial. This protects the burner from always being exposed, and the food is cooked well.

Have a look at the RecPro RV Stove Gas Range

5. Suburban 2938ABK Cooktop

It comes with a triple burner and is slim, compact, and can be quickly installed in the cabinetry. The back burner generates 5,200 BTU, and the front burner generates 6,500 BTU per hour and is easy to clean. In addition, it is made of high-quality material for long-term use.

Have a look at the Suburban 2938ABK Cooktop

6. Empava B14LTL Convection Single Wall Oven

Food can be cooked faster in this single-wall oven since it uses convection technology. It takes little space under the counter and has a stainless-steel body and black tempered glass. It also has a timer function of up to 120 minutes and can be used for baking, boiling, and roasting. Minimal effort is required to clean it. It is circulation system works well, which protects the cabinet from getting hot.

Have a look at the Empava B14LTL Convection Single Wall Oven

7. Atwood/Dometic 2135 BSPSN RV Range Oven

It is more accurate and has improved control due to its linear valves. It has a 270-degree knob rotation which makes it easy to change from low simmer to full burn. It has two back burners (6,500 BTU) and one high-power front burner (9,000 BTU). It has a piezo lighting design which promotes easy lighting. One can cook all the dishes on it. It can also accommodate large pans and pots.

Have a look at the Atwood/Dometic 2135 BSPSN RV Range Oven

8. Furrion FSRE17SA-SS Gas Range Oven

This oven has safety cutoff valves and piezo ignition, which makes it easy to light as well as prevents accidental fire. It is made from brushed stainless steel, which protects it from vibrations and extreme temperatures. The interior volume is 35 liters. Cleaning is easy as the boiler pan catches all the fat drippings.

Have a look at the Furrion FSRE17SA-SS Gas Range Oven

9. Atwood 52232 Wedgewood RV stove

It has a built-in toaster feature that allows you to grill and toast. It also provides a 21-inch cooking area. You can use all three burners simultaneously and cook multiple meals. The burner is adjustable and easy to use. It also lights up using piezo ignition, so there is no need to light them up using matches. The back burner generates 6,500 BTU, and the front burner produces 9,000 BTU.

Have a look at the Atwood 52232 Wedgewood RV stove

Oven or Stove for RV Buyer’s Guide

While deciding to buy an RV oven or stove, You should keep the following things in mind:

Ease in installing

Installation should be taken seriously when it comes to RV ovens or stoves, as they use flammable fuel. Follow the product installation direction step-by-step. As long as you have some space allotted in your cabinet, freestanding RV oven and stove ranges are easy to install and are also portable. When we talk about the slide-in ranges, then the countertop’s height should be similar to the stove’s height. If you look at the drop-in-range models, then to fit them in perfectly, you might require customized cabinetry.

Number and Size of the Burner

You must look at the number and size of the burners that you might need if you are looking for a cooktop range. Generally, RV cooktops have 2 to 3 burners of different sizes. Usually, one large burner has high output, and the other two smaller burner has low outputs. If you are fond of cooking, then looking for a cooktop with multiple big-sized burners would be a good choice.

Power Supply

It is one of the important aspects when looking for an RV oven or stove to buy. It decides the convenient use of your oven, stage, or range. The decision to buy an electric oven or gas stove depends on the location and your culinary intentions. Electric stoves are more energy efficient and safer than gas models. But if you are looking for accurate temperature control, then gas models are a better choice for you.


An RV oven or stove made from good material has many benefits. Materials like stainless steel are heat resistant, and it is easy to clean them. Other materials like glass ceramics are also a good option since it is easy to clean them, but they can also be expensive. Enamel won’t be a good option since cleaning this material is hard.


If you are planning to take cooking on the road, then you would want your RV oven or stove to be lightweight, compact, and portable.

BTU Rating

British Thermal Unit measures the heat that a gas burner and oven produces. More BTU does not always mean that it is better. High BTU might cause damage to your pots and pans. A standard RV should have about 3,000 to 5,000 BTU per hour for low-flame cooking and 7,000 BTU per hour for high-flame.


You must know the different types of RV ovens available in the market to know what best fits you. While deciding the type of RV oven to buy, keep a clear budget and the qualities in your mind. There are RV ovens and stove options available in the market. You can pick the one which matches your needs and requirements.

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