Essentials For Kiting Your Camping Trailer

Camping in a wild, deep forest or on a mountain top seems so fascinating, right? However, your trip can easily turn into a disaster, and it becomes difficult to survive those hours if you are …

Essentials For Kiting Your Camping Trailer
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Camping in a wild, deep forest or on a mountain top seems so fascinating, right? However, your trip can easily turn into a disaster, and it becomes difficult to survive those hours if you are not well prepared.

From food and water storage to basic survival kits, there are many things to take while camping on a trailer. Each item plays a crucial role in making you comfortable and safe and enhancing your camping experience.

Today, numerous options are available online and in your nearest survival store. From camping gear to trailer kits, there are many things, but you don’t need everything. So, what is the best online RV packing list?

This blog consists of a list of the top 7 essentials for kiting your camping trailer so that you’re well-equipped for an unforgettable adventure. So, whether it’s your first time traveling in a camping trailer or your 100th time, this guide will help you pick and pack the essential things for your camping journey.

Let’s get started.

First Aid Kit

First Aid KitThe first and most important thing to add to your RV camping is the first aid kit. While traveling, anything could happen, from physical injuries to major accidents.

This is why having a medical kit on the spot is always helpful. The kit should have bandages, cold compresses, antiseptic creams or wipes, pain relievers, antihistamines, and other medication-related to your health issues.

You can customize this kit based on your specific requirements and health issues. Put this kit in a place that is easily accessible. This helps you to be prepared for anything that comes your way.


There is no need to explain why lights are an essential item to carry in your RV while camping. Imagine staying at an isolated place in the deep forest at night, and suddenly a power outage is there – what will you do in this case?

To avoid such situations, it’s always best to carry flashlights with you, regardless of the distance you’re going to cover. Whether boondocking or staying for a long time, always keep a few small headlamps, large lanterns, LED lights, or fairy lights (for ambiance). Don’t forget to carry those extra batteries too!

Surge Protector

FlashlightsAnother important thing to pack in your RV trailer is a surge protector. As we all know, campground electricity isn’t always consistent and can cause severe damage to your electronics.

A surge protector acts as a shield, absorbing those jolts before they reach your devices. So, if you have laptops, TVs, and any other electronic appliances in your RV camping, you should definitely buy a surge protector.

Dish & Hand Soap

It will be frustrating when you want to wash your dirty dishes but soon realize you forgot the soap. Keep a few dishes and hand soap bottles because camping doesn’t mean sacrificing your hygiene.

You can always buy or refill the soap from the local store, but that doesn’t necessarily happen, depending on the location. If you want eco-friendly soaps, try biodegradable options.

Food and Water Storage

Food and Water StorageHaving fresh food and clean water are basic for survival on a camping trip. Buy high-quality food storage containers to keep non-perishable food or ready-to-make food items such as pancake mixes, cereal, and drink mix packets. Also, you can get insulated water bottles or a cooler based on the size of the people you’re traveling with.

Rain Gear

Don’t let a downpour dampen your spirits!

Even after checking the weather predictions and news, rain can occur at any time of the day. Hence, packing rain gear, including boots, a poncho, and a waterproof jacket, is extremely important. You can also carry a small, collapsible umbrella, tarp, or pop-up canopy to create a shelter over your campsite. Sitting in a canopy and watching rainfall while having your favorite tea will be fun.

Basic Tool Kit

Basic Tool KitLike the first aid kit, another kit you must carry in your camping trailer is the tool kit. That’s because you never know when something breaks in your trailer, such as a flat tire or one of the screws that gets loose from your appliances.

This simple tool kit can save you from many issues. From a cordless drill to a pocket knife, there are several things you can add to the kit as per your requirements.

Pack Your Bags and Get Ready!

So, these are all the essential items you should carry in your camping trailer. Proper planning and packing are two crucial steps for enjoying a successful camping trip. Make sure you have all the necessary gear, from first aid supplies to rain gear, to tackle any challenges that come your way. After packing everything, get ready for the adventurous trip.

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