Five Things You Cannot Go Without Doing, During a Long-Distance Move 

At one point or another in this experience we call life, chances are that you and your household will have to move – sometimes, that is around the corner, and other times it is across …

Five Things You Cannot Go Without Doing, During a Long-Distance Move
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At one point or another in this experience we call life, chances are that you and your household will have to move – sometimes, that is around the corner, and other times it is across the country. When approaching a long-distance move, you can never be overly prepared.

Denver is full of transplants, a lively, beautiful place, but people often move in and out all over Colorado. Even when you have highly experienced Denver movers to help support you through the process, it can still be overwhelming!

Whether you have moved one time in your life or over a dozen times – there is always something new to learn about making your move more efficient. Creating a suitable and stress-free moving environment when starting in a new city is crucial. To create that kind of healthy environment, you must have support, knowledge, and experience and be open to picking up new tricks along the way.

Declutter and Consign Early

Getting cleaning and organizing done before you move out of any place is innate, but getting started on things as quickly as possible when you move out of any home is always lovely. Staying ahead of your to-do list on this piece will help you be better prepared on a moving day and assist in the simplicity of unpacking once you arrive at your destination.

Allow yourself to take everything room by room and separate everything into piles or categories of what you wish to bring with you, what you can donate, consign, and throw away. Once everything is organized, you can get the whole household to donate your belongings, consign, or lug out to the trash.

The earlier you complete these tasks, the better off you will be – you are then allotted a longer time to get things done, and you will also have ample time to check off your next steps in your laundry list of what else you need to do. And when it is time to take out the trash, search for reliable dumpster rentals near me to help make a smooth transition.

Save Money on Boxes & Label in Detail

Purchasing packing materials and moving boxes can push your budget to its limits, so instead of buying something new, you have other options available.

  • Reuse and save any packages you receive in the months leading up to the move.
  • Check out local grocery stores, restaurants, and retailers, as many do not reuse their boxes, so patrons can move in and recycle those boxes for their move.
  • Look on local websites like Facebook marketplace and Nextdoor to see if your neighbors have recently moved; there are often postings about free boxes!
  • Instead of buying packing paper for wrapping and stuffing boxes, use your own belongings like bed sheets, blankets, towels, clothing, etc.

When preparing your boxes for the move, be sure you are labeling everything in detail! You can get crafty with things and even choose to color code different rooms and categories to unpack better and know where everything is.

This makes things easier for you during the move-in process and can also be incredibly helpful to your movers. You won’t end up constantly directing them while they are offloading your household goods.

Take Pictures Before Packing

Having your life together can get a little crazy when you are prepping mentally, emotionally, physically, and logistically – for a cross-country move. Relocating puts pressure on every aspect of your life and affects everyone in your household. This kind of chain reaction can make it difficult to focus, feel motivated, and dedicate energy to the move, and it can throw your self-care and coping mechanisms off track.

Keeping things as normal as possible means staying on a schedule, remaining as a unit throughout the move, and proceeding into the future with excitement. This all entails a great deal of effort, and the logistics of moving are essential amidst all the changes around you.

Take photos of your rooms and how you have had things set up because you don’t often think about the details when you see something every day. Taking pictures will help you set up, decorate, and place everything back in its proper place once you arrive at your new home!

Prep Meals & a To-Go Box (or Boxes)

Prepping isn’t about your home and the relocation but about your health and well-being and the rest of your household! You must travel across the country or over state lines to get to where you will end up, which means you need your necessities.

Preparing meals and freezing them can help once you arrive so that you are not stuck doing takeout for days. You can also prep a cooler with snacks, drinks, and assorted meal items you can have during your travels.

The same goes for your essentials – set aside a box or two for everyone in your household. Allow them to create their own “go-bag” in box form. This should consist of things you need daily and cannot place on the moving truck. Setting these items aside will make things more comfortable for you and your family and ensure that you have the basics while awaiting delivery and unpacking.

Lean on a Local Long-Distance Moving Company

Working with a licensed, insured moving company makes all the difference when facing a long-distance move. You can prep and organize as much as you would like, but nothing beats having professional movers assist you. Eden’s Moving Services is a homegrown Colorado full-service moving company – offering high-quality relocation services, premiere packing options, and storage solutions.

Eden’s movers have over a decade of experience in long-distance, local, and cross-country moving – their team of experts prioritizes creating a stress-free and seamless experience for all their clients. Leaning on dependable relocation specialists will help guide you through your long-distance move and support you through the changes and unexpected challenges you may face!

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