How to Choose the Right Surf Fishing Rod

With so many options on the market, it can be a hard task to find the right choice of a surf fishing rod. In this article you can find information about the aspects you should pay attention to while choosing surf fishing rods. Use the information from the article to make this daunting task a bit easier and pick the right surf fishing rod.

Check the Power of a Surf Fishing Rod

Whatever type of rod you are choosing, its power is one of the most important factors to pay attention to. The power of a rod defines how much weight and pressure the pole can handle.

Heavy power rods can take more weight and pressure, but light power rods are better for smaller fish. You can choose from Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy and Extra-Heavy rods. If you are a recreational angler and don’t target any particular species, the best choice is a medium or medium-heavy rod.

Pick the Rod’s Right Length

The length decides how far you can cast the line, but can also keep your line out of the water’s surface. If your line is on the surface, you won’t be able to detect bites, and the surf can pull bait away from where you casted it. You should choose a rod’s length based on the species you are targeting, but for surf fishing, you should consider poles with a minimum of eight feet in length.

Choose the Material

You can choose a rod that is made of graphite, fiberglass, or a mixture of both. Fiberglass rods are usually cheaper than graphite rods. They can also be stronger. However, they are also heavier and less sensitive compared to rods made of graphite. Graphite rods can detect subtle picks and are faster.

If you are planning on using rod support while fishing and want a cheaper option, a fiberglass rod might be a better choice. However, if you want something lighter and more sensitive, opt for graphite poles.

Set Your Budget

When it comes to fishing, the price options vary significantly. For example, you can get surf fishing rods for around $30 dollars, but you could also find poles for $700 or more. If you opt for the lowest price range, you should be ready for having fiberglass rods. Even with a small budget, you can get a good and durable rod. Once you set your budget, it will be easier for you to find the best match for you.

Usually, the more expensive the rod is, the better are the components. Cork handles appear in more expensive models, but you can enjoy surf fishing all the same with a foam handle. You might even prefer the other option. The choice of the handle can be based only on your preferences.

If you are a beginner or have a small budget, buying a cheaper, fiberglass rod, can be a good option. You can get a good pole for less than $100. However, if you are an experienced angler with a bigger budget, you can explore your options and pick better quality rods with features adjusted to your personal needs and preferences.

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