How to Optimize Bathroom Space for Best Functionality

A new vanity, painted walls, bathroom design, fixtures and finishes, and plumbing and electrical works can bring a lot of functionality to a bathroom and optimize the space efficiently. While you can plan a bathroom …

How to Optimize Bathroom Space for Best Functionality
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A new vanity, painted walls, bathroom design, fixtures and finishes, and plumbing and electrical works can bring a lot of functionality to a bathroom and optimize the space efficiently.

While you can plan a bathroom remodel with an experienced professional, renovation may also be one of the options to consider. Plus, there are many home improvement tips that you can follow to bring new life into the space.

Whether you’re considering kitchen or bathroom remodeling, make sure you plan accordingly, as any home improvement project can cause a disturbance.

This comprehensive blog will go over the steps on how to start remodeling a bathroom. Keep reading this guide until the end, as it will provide some expert tips to help you optimize your bathroom space.

How to Start Remodeling a Bathroom: A DIY Step-by-step Guide

How to Start Remodeling a Bathroom: A DIY Step-by-step Guide

A bathroom remodel is the best way to optimize the space and add more functionality. Before we show you how it’s done, get the necessary materials (new fixtures, exhaust fan, vanity, plumbing, bath or shower stall, etc), paint, and tools for this DIY project.

Here are the steps to remodeling your bathroom:

  1. Remove bathroom fixtures: If you’re partially or fully remodeling your bathroom, you should plan accordingly and start removing the drywall and other fixtures. Here’s how you should go about it:
    1. Shut the water off and drain the toilet before removing it.
    2. Remove the tub and take out the tiles down to the studs. This is an essential step if you’re considering installing a new shower or bathtub design. It’ll probably get you thinking.
    3. Take safety precautions before using a reciprocating saw to cut the insulation panels from the walls.
    4. Remove the bathroom vanity, towel bars, mirror, cabinets, and other fixtures and features that you wish to replace.
  2. Install a new shower or tub: Replace the tile flooring if it has signs of water damage before installing a new shower or tub. While showers can help you save space, we recommend keeping at least one bathtub in the entire house for good resale value.
  3. Lay the new tile flooring/wall tiles: Since tile is the most popular flooring option, you can go with it or choose other materials like laminate or vinyl, which are more affordable and easy to work with. Check out a wall tile tutorial for guidance.
  4. Hang the drywall: This is a time-consuming process, as you need to cut out the new drywalls and fit them around your shower, vanity, and other fixtures.
  5. Paint: Add some color to your bathroom with good-quality paint. You can choose a neutral palette (shades of white, black, and brown) or go for vibrant themes for a different look.
  6. Install the new bathroom fixtures: Move out the painting materials and start installing the vanity, shower, and other fixtures in the bathroom. Hook up the drain and plumbing to the sink before going to the next point.
  7. Upgrade lighting: Before installing new lights, you must configure the electrical fixtures. Think about the dimensions prior to purchasing any lighting solutions. Your bathroom remodel may also include moving around the electrical outlets.

If you don’t know where to begin your bathroom remodeling DIY project, there are many videos on the internet from where you can learn and get started. Or you can book a call with Golden Heights bathroom remodeling company that operates in the Bay Area.

Alternatively, you can start looking for a couple of contractors and choose the one that is right for you. Before you determine a company that specializes in bathroom remodels, do a background check and go through the online reviews.

Tips for Planning and Optimizing Your Bathroom Space

Tips for Planning and Optimizing Your Bathroom Space

While a bathroom remodel is a good way to improve functionality, it is an expensive and time-consuming process. There are other things you can do to use the space more efficiently.

Here are some top tips to make your bathroom better:

Take Your Time with Bathroom Tiles

Choosing tiles can be one of the challenging parts of a bathroom remodel or renovation project. Discuss the type of flooring that would look great with a tile specialist.

Tiling can be a lot of hard work. The tile itself requires a lot of preparation work before you lay it down.

Think About the Fixtures

There are many fixtures that you might find in your bathroom, ones that stick to the floor and others that you can move around easily. This is an opportunity for you to think about how you want the layout to be.

Start moving around the small fixtures to use the available space efficiently. It might free up some room for adding more cabinets or considering other bathroom remodel ideas.

Those who are thinking of a bathroom remodel can also move around the shower, sink, and other fixtures that are fixed to the floor if their plumbing situation allows them to.

Choose a Floating Toilet

While a floating toilet might sound like something on the International Space Station, it’s a modern wall-mounted toilet. It’s easier to keep clean, saves up floor space, and you can install it at your preferred height for a comfortable experience.

With a floating toilet, the freed-up ground space and light bouncing off the tiles make the room feel much larger than it is.

If you’re considering a floating toilet, there are many options available. We recommend investing in a water-efficient one to save money on utility bills.

Opt for Mirror Cabinets

You can’t replace mirrors in your bathroom, as it can adversely affect the room’s functionality, but you can consider changing them with something that’s more practical, like a mirror cabinet.

Mirror cabinets help create new storage space and make the bathroom more functional. You can store your medication or toiletries in them without needing to install additional fixtures.

Replace the Bathroom Door

Most bathrooms come with swinging doors, which take up a lot of valuable space. If you’re not considering a bathroom remodel, you can think about cheap home improvement renovation, such as replacing the door.

By replacing the bathroom swinging door with a sliding one that goes into the wall, you’re freeing up a lot of space, making the room feel airy and open.

Invest in Fixtures That Mount onto Walls

The best way to maximize space without a complete bathroom renovation is to use wall-mounted fixtures, such as faucets and a sink. It frees up the ground for your laundry basket or trash bin.  

Replace Your Bathtub with a Shower

While most bathrooms either have a bathtub or shower, some may have both. If you don’t like taking a bath, you may want to consider removing the tub and replacing it with a modern shower stall.

By choosing to use a shower head instead of soaking in a tub, you’re getting back at least six feet of space, enough for installing a new cabinet or a couple of floating shelves.

Glass-enclosed showers look great and can open up your bathroom. To make it even more functional, invest in corner shelves. These are fantastic for holding your toiletries or a Bluetooth speaker.

Consider Good Lighting Fixtures

Most bathrooms are dull and dark, which can make it an unpleasant place to be in. You can brighten up the space by installing new light fixtures.

Besides investing in a couple of good lighting fixtures, you can also install windows into the walls to let more natural light flow into the bathroom. 

Schedule a Consultation with a Bathroom Remodel Professional to Get the Job Done!

While there are many things you can do to optimize your bathroom space, a full bathroom remodel is the best way to get the most functionality out of the place. You can consider it a DIY project and take your time to plan things properly.

Don’t have the tools to do the bathroom remodel yourself? Are you afraid of making costly mistakes? Hire a contractor today to start your remodeling project, but make sure you go over their terms of service first!

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