Importance Of Doors in Enhancing Interior decor – Key Aspects to Consider

Since ancient times, doors have played the role of enhancing the security and privacy of a home as well as its different rooms. However, in recent years they have also emerged as the key contributors …

Importance Of Doors in Enhancing Interior decor – Key Aspects to Consider
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Since ancient times, doors have played the role of enhancing the security and privacy of a home as well as its different rooms. However, in recent years they have also emerged as the key contributors to improving the decor and appeal of the interiors of homes. This is because doors are known to create a visual impact that may upgrade or undermine the overall look of interior space.

According to decor experts, doors not only impact the flow of the room in general but also affect its temperature and overall environment. Most importantly doors help in creating the right first Impressions for people coming into the house. All these factors make doors a vital component of home decor items for creating the perfect interiors for any space.

Different Types of Doors

To get the desired look and feel of the interiors, choosing the right type of doors is extremely important. For this, homeowners need to be aware of the different types of doors that they can choose from. Given below are the brief details of the sum of the most common types of doors available in the market.

Wooden Doors:

Wood has been preferred for crafting doors that offer great durability and strength for ages. These doors also add a rich and sophisticated appeal to the interiors besides which they are considered pure and auspicious. Hence it is not surprising that these doors are commonly found in several traditional homes, especially at the main entrance and in puja rooms.

To make the doors more appealing, they may feature intricate designs carved into the wooden panels or have grains running in different directions. Covering the doors in different colors and stains is also quite common for enhancing their appeal as it helps highlight the beauty of the wood.

Glazed Doors:

These doors generally feature a metal frame with glazed glass panels to allow a greater inflow of natural light. Glazed Indian doors can help transform the look of the interiors by making them appear brighter and more spacious. They are often preferred for balconies and patios or other such areas that connect to the outdoors.

Homeowners can choose from different types of glazing options to match the overall decor theme of their interiors. The options range from clear to colored and translucent to textured, creating a wide range of design possibilities for buyers to choose from.

Metal-Framed Doors:

As the name suggests, metal-framed doors consist of a metal frame, generally made from steel or aluminum. The panels of these doors can be made of PVC or vinyl sheets or even the same metal as the door frame. These doors add a modern and minimalistic look to the interiors and are suitable for use in bathrooms, washing areas, and even storage spaces.

The doors are extremely popular among homeowners seeking a sharp, streamlined finish, and fine workmanship. Moreover, the diversity of glazed inserts along with the wonderfully hardwearing quality and durability of these doors make them a favorite option for modern homes.

Painted Doors:

Painted doors made from different materials are becoming quite popular as they can be easily matched with the overall color scheme of the interiors. This helps in creating a uniform look besides ensuring that the doors blend in well with the walls and ceilings of the space.

Many homeowners choose to paint their Indian vintage doors to make them look more interesting. Using vibrant color options and choosing to finish the doors in a gloss set against low-sheen is also becoming quite common. However, there is no rule to have the doors in the same color as the other interior decor components.

Panel Doors

These types of doors are mostly found in period homes and are known for their classic look and rustic appeal. Panel doors generally feature rails, stiles, and infill panels, with the number of panels ranging from one to eight or more. These doors are suitable for use in both interior rooms and spaces as well as at the main entrance of independent homes.

One of the best aspects of panel doors is that their design can be customized to match the unique interior decor needs of individual homes. The doors often feature strong sharp lines and are known for their smooth and streamlined appearance.

Other Important Factors To Consider

The type of door is just one of the several aspects to be considered when choosing the perfect door matching the interior decor of a home. The other important factors that homeowners need to factor include the following.

Door Mechanisms: There is a wide variety of door mechanisms to choose from, including hinged doors, sliding doors, bifold doors, and swinging doors to name a few. Homeowners should carefully consider which mechanism best meets their decor needs and choose accordingly.

Type Of Flooring: most homeowners tend to overlook the type of floor they have when choosing a door. Ignoring this important aspect can result in a flawed decor as due to the mismatch between the doors and the flooring. It may hinder the smooth operation of the door or even ruin the overall ambiance of the interiors.

Age of the Structure: The age of the structure is another important factor to consider for choosing the right door. Installing antique doors in modern houses or vice-versa reflects the poor sense of decor of the homeowners. Matching the style and material of the door with the age of the house goes a long way in creating appealing interiors.

What Are Antique Doors Made Of?

Most antique Indian doors are made of wood and feature intricate designs and carvings that enhance their appeal. Additionally, antique doors made of cast iron and brass are also found in various ancient structures. While the wooden doors were generally used for ensuring the protection and privacy of the inner rooms, the iron and brass doors were used at the main entrance for enhanced security.

Wrapping Up

The choice of doors impacts the interior decor of a home in various ways and considering the various aspects discussed above makes the choice easier. The awareness of these factors makes it simpler for homeowners to decide which door will suit their needs the best.

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