Influencers that Remote Work While Traveling

The digital era has made it possible to do all your work without leaving home. Of course, some jobs require the human touch. However, most office work can easily be done from your home computer. …

Influencers that Remote Work While Traveling
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The digital era has made it possible to do all your work without leaving home. Of course, some jobs require the human touch. However, most office work can easily be done from your home computer. It has been shown that working remotely makes people much more productive than working in a stuffy office.

One of the reasons for the rise of remote working is the new generation, as well as the influencers who have shown that remote working can still be successful. This article will focus on some of the biggest influencers who travel the world and do their job remotely. Without further ado, let us get into the nitty-gritty.

The Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads are not tied down to one city or country. They travel the world, staying at hotels, campers, RVs, and vans or just camping out while working. Many digital nomads film their travels and post them on YouTube, TikTok, or similar video-sharing websites.

A lot of Digital Nomads have garnered popularity. One example would be Shivya Nath, who publishes the Shooting Star blog, a blog in which she discusses her travels, the places she has visited, the food she has eaten, and the people she has met. She also talks about and greatly advocates climate change regulations and sustainable travel.

Lady Luck HQ

Lady Luck is not a travel vlogger or a camping influencer. However, she does travel the world, constantly seeing new places and being exposed to new cultures. But, then, where does Lady Luck HQ get her money to do all this? Well, she provides an important service for gamblers everywhere. Lady Luck is a slot reviewer.

Francine Maric runs a wildly successful YouTube channel called Lady Luck HQ. She may not be 100% focused on traveling, but she constantly travels the world, attracting sponsors and reviewing various land-based and online slots. She and her husband often collaborate on the channel and produce videos.

Primitive Living Channels

In 2023, camping has been made safer than ever before. You can ensure you are constantly protected from the elements and even protect yourself from pests during your camp session. However, our ancestors were not so lucky. Sometimes, we may wonder how our ancestors dealt with the harsh living conditions. That is where primitive living influencers come in.

As you might have gathered, primitive living influencers use their skills in woodworking, stone crafting, hunting, sewing, and foraging to live “the caveman life.” Some film themselves doing so, and others simply write about their experiences. Popular names in this social media section are Chad Zuber on YouTube and Donny Dust on TikTok.

The Vanlife Influencers

The cost of living in many countries has gone up significantly. For that reason, many people have decided to live out of their vans or RVs. And many of these people have decided to share their lives online and discuss how they do the basic tasks we take for granted. These so-called van life influencers have garnered quite a bit of popularity.

The thing about vanlife influencers is that they are constantly working remotely. After all, they are always on the road, traveling from place to place in their van. Many spend time in the woods, camping out of their van, which is quite a popular hobby.

If you are interested in camping out of your van, some van-life influencers can help you. Some of the most popular are Ben and Katie Zweber, Noami Grevemberg, Brittany Keil, and Katie Larsen.

Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens ate his way to international success. Wiens was the son of Christian Missionaries. His family’s faith took him on adventures worldwide, including in France, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, etc. All of these experiences awoke in him a passion for food and travel. So, naturally, Wiens became a travel blogger who would visit exotic places, taste exotic foods, and eventually create them.

That is right, Mark Wiens became a restaurateur, opening his first restaurant in Bangkok, where he lives today. Wiens still works on his YouTube channel, where he consistently gets half a million views, with many of his videos surpassing the million mark. He is living proof that a person can work and travel and still experience massive success.


Is remote work possible in 2023?

Not only is it possible, but according to many, it is preferable to office work.

What is a remote work influencer?

A remote work influencer has garnered vast popularity for working while simultaneously traveling the country/world.

Are digital nomads remote work influencers?

Yes, digital nomads are a type of remote work influencers.

Do online reviewers count as remote work influencers?

They could. If they are reviewing products from all over the world, they could be considered remote work influencers.

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