Space saving tips and design ideas for small spaces

An escape from the everyday that lifts the body, mind and mood, where you can’t help but find yourself sighing a deep calming exhale as it envelops you. A bedroom isn’t just about sleep, it’s …

Space saving tips and design ideas for small spaces
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An escape from the everyday that lifts the body, mind and mood, where you can’t help but find yourself sighing a deep calming exhale as it envelops you. A bedroom isn’t just about sleep, it’s about self-care, creating a sanctuary where you can recentre and feel revitalised – regardless of how much space you have.

Whether you live in a city apartment, or anywhere that square footage is at a premium, it’s possible to maximise style even in the smallest of spaces. Here are some of our top tips to help you create a stylish and organised bedroom.

Think about your furniture and how you’ll use it

When it comes to storage in a small bedroom, choosing furniture pieces that multi-task is important. A gorgeous bed frame in a fabric will create the look you want, whilst the added bonus of drawers under the bed (or a gas lift storage base for even more room) offers the perfect place for blankets and clothes. Alternatively, opting for a bookcase bedhead means this functions as both bedhead and side table, reducing the number of furniture pieces without compromising on storage space. You could even add a floating wall-mounted shelf (or several stacked on top of each other) for books and a reading light, foregoing the bedside table altogether.

Are you currently capitalising on every square inch of wardrobe storage space possible? Whether you rent or own, you can maximise wardrobe storage with the addition of extra clothing rods, hooks, and over-the-door hangers.

Another important furniture consideration is where it goes. The placement of your furniture is key to creating a feeling of space and flow. What areas of the room do you walk to and from most often? Is there an ensuite that needs a clear path? Keeping furniture pieces out of frequently travelled pathways will avoid the inconvenience of having to step around these several times a day, adding to the uncrowded feeling.

Keep your space organised

Maintaining an organised space can be key to creating a relaxing and stress-free space. One key way to help keep your space neat and organised is with storage solutions like containers or baskets. Coming in a range of sizes, they can be used for a range of items – from seasonal clothing to smaller items like accessories, books, makeup or chargers. Plus, it helps to keep items that you use everyday within easy reach. Place them in your wardrobe or on shelves to make the most of available space.

With storage options sorted, it’s important to establish a regular routine for your space. Take a few minutes each day to tidy up, preventing clutter from accumulating. Then, once a week tackle those bigger jobs like a vacuum or dust to keep your space in tip-top shape.

Cut down on decorations

Even the most stylishly decorated rooms can seem messy if there is clutter, and this is especially true in a small space. When decorating your small bedroom, think about the objects that you love and want to see every day. Take a moment to consider what items mean the most to you and which ones you want to display. These cherished items can act as a key part of your decor, helping to add a personal touch to your space without making it look too cluttered.

You may also want to think about what items you use frequently, and whether you can arrange and display these items as part of your decor? This could be your favourite perfume or even a stack of your favourite books.

Make the most of shelves

Wherever you can, use your wall space instead of floor space. Utilising the vertical will not only offer a myriad of additional storage options, but tall (and slim-line) furniture, such as a bookcase to display items, can create the effect of making your room look taller and wider.

Along with shelves and display cases, another way to make use of your wall space is with hooks. This simple addition can bring great additional storage space for bags, coats or even a hanging storage organiser.

Play with light

A great visual design trick to make a small space look bigger is a mirror. Great for opening up the space, you can also place them in front of a window to help bounce the light through the space. Hang a mirror on your wall to create the illusion of space and add a functional object to get ready with every day. If you’re renting, then you can always add a standing mirror. Look for a mirror that also has additional storage, perfect for your jewellery or scarves.

Finding efficient storage solutions for small bedrooms can help create a beautiful and cosy space, helping you to unwind at the end of the day. By carefully selecting furniture, utilising storage solutions and vertical space, you can optimise your space to create a relaxing environment.

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