Photos and text copyright (c) Debra Lee Baldwin. All rights reserved.
Designing with Succulents by Debra Lee Baldwin. Succulent Container Gardens, by Debra Lee Baldwin, is a Timber Press January 2010 release.
emphasize the beauty of the plants and how they can be used effectively to
enhance indoor and outdoor living spaces.
When researching Succulent Container Gardens, I visited nurseries that specialize in
succulents and asked for the names of designers who were using the plants to create beautiful
potted compositions. At the same time, I noticed that nursery staff who have succulents and
pots literally under their fingertips had been having fun with them, coming up with intriguing
I went to major flower and garden shows, observed succulent displays and met top designers. I
made scouting trips to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Seattle and Denver. I got
the word out to garden photographers, and so gained photos of succulent containers created
on the East Coast, and in Canada, Europe and New Zealand.
As a result, I had many excellent images to choose among---far more than I could possibly
use. Succulent Container Gardens is a distillation of these.
Whether I’m writing, taking photos or giving presentations, my goal is to entertain and inform in
equal measure. I hope to inspire you, to help you add beauty to your life, and to encourage you
to design with these remarkable plants in fresh and creative ways.
View the video trailer of Succulent Container Gardens.
An assortment of succulents includes, clockwise from top: Kalanchoe pumila, a green aeonium, red Aeonium Zwartkop hybrid, Aeonium Kiwi, blue echeverias, a fuzzy kalanchoe, pink Echeveria Moonlight, trailing Sedum Burrito, and red tipped Crassula Campfire.