Creating a great looking composition of succulents is not
difficult. The plants look good in myriad applications, and
hundreds of different succulents do well in pots.
Here are a few of my favorites, plus design ideas.
Agave victoria-reginae, named after Queen Victoria, is small and artichoke-like. The tips of these kalanchoe leaves repeat the terracotta color of the pot, and the leavesí fuzzy texture contrast with the containerís smooth surface. Hybrid echeverias with ruffled leaves get about as big as a head of cabbage, and range in color from teal to pink, coral and red.  Agave bovicornuta is one of many agaves that glows beautifully when backlit. Often the plants themselves present pleasing repetitions. This trailing sedum, which has rosettes about the diameter of a dime, is perfectly showcased in a diminutive pot. Orange Sticks on Fire contrasts in color and shape with wine-colored aeoniums, and also lends height and interest to the arrangement.
One of the most effective things you can do is to use contrast and repetition in your designs.
Photos and text copyright (c) Debra Lee Baldwin. All rights reserved.