The 50 States Of America- How Things Changed For Hawaii

Whenever you hear a discussion of the bewitches beeches, the vast Colossus mountains with the eruption of a volcano, and golden history, Hawaii must be visible to your eyes. It’s one of the states in …

The 50 States Of America- How Things Changed For Hawaii
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Whenever you hear a discussion of the bewitches beeches, the vast Colossus mountains with the eruption of a volcano, and golden history, Hawaii must be visible to your eyes. It’s one of the states in the USA that is dipped in its historical past, thriving civilization, and the play of nature.

By the way, Hawaii is the 50th state induced in the United States Of America. Like other states in the USA, it is very vibrant and has sights and sounds of nature and mankind. Do you wish to know when Hawaii was made a state? This very article unfolds the history of Haraiis entry into the USA family as a full-fledged state (50th state). Come, let’s start with the discussion here.

When was Hawaii Made A state?

Hawaii is quite a popular destination among tourists from different parts of the world. People from diverse parts of the world travel to Hawaii to bask under the warm sun at the golden beaches and soak in all the treasured riches. This is why there are queries like the best place to live in Hawaii. Yes, you got it right; there are questions galore on the internet platform, like when was Hawaii made a state?

Do you know what a major difference is between a democracy and an autocratic regime? In a democracy, the decisions are on the basis of consensus. It means everybody’s requests and pain points are addressed, contrary to the whimsical roar of the despot.

Hawaii strived hard to overthrow the monarchy to enter the periphery of democratic America. It took 60 years to transform Hawaii into a full-fledged democratic regime.  Hawaii was then a cluster of islands, some 2400 miles off the U.S. mainland in the South Pacific. It was inducted to the USA as the 50th state of the country…only eight months after the induction of Alaska! (49th state of the USA).

Hawaii’s journey into statehood had failed repeatedly; the reason that can be attributed to this failure is discrimination against the non-white population of the island. However, some successful policy frameworks and their maneuvering, coupled with the changing strategic interests during the Cold War changed the tides.

As in the case of most places, the Hawaiians, too, did not embrace the statehood with open arms. It was, to some natives in Hawaii, the legacy of the colonization in the Pacific region.

When Was Hawaii Made A State: The Journey From Being Overthrown To Annexation

Hawaii came under the radar of American interests for economic and strategic reasons. The Christian missionaries, who visited the islands in the early 19th century, reported the favorable conditions for the sugar cane plantation. Consequent scenes were the arrival of the white merchants and the acquisition of large tracts of land in Hawaii.

By the 1870s, the economic activities in Hawaii increased manifolds, and with it, increased the influence of the Americans on the group of islands. Thereafter, the tides turned gently with the event called the Bayonet Constitution. In the question, it is a significant point to understand when Hawaii made a state. The kind David Kalakaua was put at gunpoint to sign a constitution that drained the monarchy of power and established the white English-speaking peoples’ authority.

The annexation of Hawaii has put the discuss the matter into the political debate. The proponents of the act saw a great opportunity the exploit Hawaii to screw down the Asian market further. It denotes there was much scope for development.

There are others who feared that the annexation paved the pathway to attaining citizenship of the Japanese and Polynesian residents due to the time when the laws on immigration excluded Asians. The history of Hawaii’s intrusion is quite fascinating…moving through the twists and turns prior to the intrusion of it as a state in Hawaii.

The Best That Hawaii Has To Offer 

Now that you have enough ideas on the question, when was Hawaii made a state, you must be wondering about the best things the state offers to its conniussieser of new places.


One of the inalienable aspects of a place is the food. When discussing Hawaii’s culinary traditions, you must have a good idea of the food. The traditional design in Hawaii is made from the cooked root of the Taro plant. It is often boiled or steamed. After steaming, it is mashed to form a sticky consistency. Ultimately, you have a slightly sweet and earthy flavor.


It is a kind of salad that finds its origin in Hawaii. It is traditionally made with fish like salmon and tuna. The food is marinated with seaweed, vegetables, and fruits. It is a popular dish in Hawaii, and being a traveler, you must have had a taste of it.

Diamond Head State Monument: Popular Destination in Hawaii 

One of the most popular spots to visit on the island of Hawaii is the unique Diamond Head site. It is known mainly for its military history, stunning coastline views, and hiking trails. There is no denying the fact that the place has its own charm. Now, the monument encompasses over an area of 475 acres. It is a saucer-shaped crater which was formed about three lakhs years ago !! Unbelievable and Incredible, to say the least.

Haleakala National Park 

Haleakala is undoubtedly one of the places filled with greenery all around. It is one of the places which is studded in natural beauty. Ultimately you can get the best of nature and traditions there. Alongside the natural beauty, the place remains vibrant with the human history it offers. There, you can renew your spirits amidst the stark volcanic landscape and sub-tropical rain forests. The great landscape has a lot to offer you to your quest; that is when was Hawaii made a state.


Apart from the ones that we mentioned, there are many more attractions that the place has to offer, and it includes, including Honolulu Zoo, USS Arizona, USS Missouri, Waikiki Beach, Manna Kea, Koala Ranch, and others. Therefore, you can say that Hawaii stands tall and stable as the 50th state in the United States Of America. We hope you will gain insights into the query, when was Hawaii made a state?

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