Things to Consider Before Buying a Rooftop Tent

Rooftop tents are mounted onto the roof of your vehicle, rather than being set up on the ground like regular tents. Being elevated, they offer benefits such as enhanced views, improved ventilation, and protection from …

Things to Consider Before Buying a Rooftop Tent
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Rooftop tents are mounted onto the roof of your vehicle, rather than being set up on the ground like regular tents. Being elevated, they offer benefits such as enhanced views, improved ventilation, and protection from ground-based critters.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, rooftop tents can turn your vehicle into a mobile home-away-from-home. They are ideal for campers and road-trippers alike. However, before you purchase a rooftop tent, make sure you consider the following things./

Your Type of Vehicle

Firstly, evaluate the type of vehicle you drive. Not all cars are compatible with rooftop tents due to weight restrictions or roof types and smaller vehicles might not safely accommodate larger, heavier tents.

Also, check if your vehicle has an existing roof rack system that is robust enough to support the tent’s weight and your own weight when you are inside it.

However, the good news is many large cars, jeeps, and RVs are able to accommodate rooftop tents. And if you are serious about getting a rooftop tent to aid your outdoor adventures, you could always change your vehicle if it does not support a roof top tent.

The Tent Size and Capacity

It is critical that you consider how many people will typically use the tent. A larger size may be necessary if more than one person will use the tent regularly. Remember though, while more space offers comfort, it also adds weight to your vehicle’s roof.

Ease of Setting Up

Rooftop tents are not as easy to set up as regular ones, as they can be cumbersome and heavy. So, check that you are comfortable with the installation process or select a model that is designed for a simpler setup.

Also, consider how easy it will be to access your elevated sleeping quarters. Some rooftop tents come with sturdy ladders included.


Just as ground-based tents have variations catering to different weather, so do rooftop tents. For occasional summer use, a two-season tent might suffice but if you plan camping trips throughout the year, consider tents rated for three or all seasons.

The latter ones are better insulated. They resist lower temperatures and harsher weather conditions such as heavy snowfall and wind.

Durability and Material

Camping can sometimes be a rough living affair, demanding robust equipment. S, look at the quality of materials used in your chosen tent’s construction. Strong fabrics like ripstop nylon or canvas can ensure it will withstand weather elements and long-term usage. Remember that while more robust materials might last longer, they could also add extra weight.


Look for rooftop tents that come with thick, comfortable mattresses if comfort is a top priority. To add to your comfort level, consider buying a rooftop tent that features windows for better ventilation and scenic views.

The Price

Lastly, before making a decision, consider your budget. Rooftop tents are generally more expensive than traditional ground tents due to their complex design and added features. With a wide range of prices available, you should be able to find one suited to your needs without breaking the bank.

Remember to Take Your Tent Down Before Driving Home

This might sound obvious, but it is worth pointing out: remember to disassemble your tent before driving home. You may be in the vacation spirit and decide to leave mundane tasks like taking down your tent until you get home.

But you could face low tunnels on the route home. Or you might forget about your roof top ten when you drive into your garage at home. If your garage does not have ample clearance or if you drive through a low tunnel, you could seriously damage your tent.

Also, it is worth mentioning that when you get home, you will want to access your property to be as simple and quick as possible. So, consider getting a gate opener, such as LiftMaster LA500 openers.

Final Thoughts

Buying a rooftop tent can be an exciting investment for your camping adventures. But you should not rush into a decision before exploring your personal needs and circumstances and looking at the different types of tents that are available.

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