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Have a longstanding interest in home decor and innovations? Able to provide knowledgeable tips and inspiring ideas about interior designing? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We will provide you with the perfect guest posting opportunity.

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Our website features fabulous home decor style plus equally fabulous prices. Our unique ideas and willingness to not stagnate, but stretch beyond our greatest accomplishments enables us to come up with exciting and new interior design suggestions for both every day life and special occasions. From holidays to ordinary every days we create pointers and brand new ideas to enrich the lives of everyone regardless of your budget. We greatly value and respect any attempt that you make to contribute to our blog. Many designers and interior decorators read our blog. That is why we welcome interior decorators, designers, architects, home improvement specialists and anyone experienced with and well-informed on these topics to share some informative and intriguing articles on our website.

The guest post should be of a high standard and reflect your professional or personal knowledge to provide assistance, ideas, or whatever else you feel will be of value to our readers. There is a vast array of subjects out there pertaining to home improvement and interior design, and we want you to feel free to write to us on anything you feel is applicable. Just let the ideas flow naturally.

You Can Write To Us On Topics:

  1. Residential design ideas
  2. Commercial design ideas
  3. Home decor ideas
  4. Home improvements
  5. DIY projects
  6. Home decor and interior design ideas representing holidays or special occasions
  7. Ideas for gardening or outdoor designs
  8. Product design concepts (tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.)

On this website, besides our own material, we can share your interior design and home decor designs and suggestions for the entire home, from living room and dining room, to the bedroom. We can unite and show people a fresh way to express themselves in their home decor, through comfort and flexibility. We can help them transform their home into a brand new home. Also, we can do the same for their backyard, with plenty of ideas on how to get the most from every plant and every piece of patio furniture.

We recognize that home decor doesn’t just cover the interior or a house. People also want their gardens and patios to look as attractive as possible and to display good taste. So don’t forget about the outdoors when considering what type of article you want to write for our website.

Guest Post Guidelines:

  1. Content: We expect that any content submitted to our website for consideration for publication will be 100% original. It should be free of any and all plagiarism and be entirely your own work. Don’t waste your time or ours by spinning the article and then sending it to us. We want any of your articles and your ideas to be exclusively from you. It must also be specific to the particular niche we’re in, so don’t get caught up discussing things that will have no value for our readers. Furthermore, the article should equal the standards of the content on our website. Also, the article should be in Microsoft word file.
  2. Minimum Amount of Words: Use at least 800 words to explain and describe your concepts and ideas. You can use more if you feel it’s necessary, but 800 is the least we expect from you. However, don’t use overkill. If you can present a concept or idea in 800 words, then there is no need to use 1,000.
  3. Links: One link per post is permitted. Don’t try to insert extra links into your article because we will find them and that will automatically result in rejection of your article.
  4. Image: We request that you please supply a minimum of 3 images with a caption for your content. If you don’t have any images, don’t worry. We will add the related images. However, if you are submitting images, make sure the width and height of the images are at least 800 400 px. It should be in JPG or PNG format. The image must have a source link to go with it.
  5. Heading: The heading must be striking, something that will automatically catch the reader’s attention and make them want to know more. Keep the Heading (H1) of the post under 150 characters. Make an effort to add H2 and H3 titles in the article.

How to Submit a Guest Post:

  1. Send all blog posts and articles to us at [email protected] with a brief summary. When emailing us about publishing an article include “Write For Us” in your subject. You don’t need to write more than a few sentences to give us an idea of what your article is all about. We do not require an essay.
  2. You will receive an acceptance email within 48 hours if we determine that your article is what we need and it will be published in our blog.
  3. Once you have received the acceptance email, it will take us around 7 days to optimize and find the ideal time to publish your post. Don’t be impatient or think that we’ve forgotten about you. If we accept your article, it will be published.
  4. When the article goes live, we will send you an acknowledegment email complete with backlinks.

By writing for us, you share your ideas, your thoughts, your personal magic to enlighten our readers and help them to improve their home decor and their lives. You also benefit from this too, as we provide you with a means to get your work seen and to promote your link. We appreciate all contributions and the hard work involved in creating these articles.

Simply sending us an article about home decor is not a guarantee that it will be published, however, we can promise that we will thoroughly read it and do our best to find a place for it in our particular niche.

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