11 Tips for Traveling as a Celebrity in Orlando

The traveling bug has bitten you and this time your sights are set on Orlando. You will not be disappointed. Orlando is a major tourist attraction not only in Florida but the whole of the …

11 Tips for Traveling as a Celebrity in Orlando
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The traveling bug has bitten you and this time your sights are set on Orlando. You will not be disappointed. Orlando is a major tourist attraction not only in Florida but the whole of the USA. Famous for its world-renowned theme parks, visitors flock here in their millions every year to enjoy all her offerings. There is so much you can do and see in Orlando and time is always the limiting factor. 

But as the celebrity you are, your trip can’t be like any other. Everything including luxury has to be one befitting your status. Since you will have to move around as you visit the various attractions you will need a means of movement. A car will be the most suitable, and because this is a celebrity trip, how about a luxury car? 

There are many luxury car rental offers in Orlando but Fox rental car Orlando will give you the best deal. They have unbelievable prices and will rent you a luxury car at a price you will not find anywhere else. If it’s your first time car rental don’t worry, the process is simple. Just make sure you place a call and book in advance. With your means of movement sorted, let’s look at travel tips that will make your trip to Orlando a success and one befitting the status of a celebrity.

Ensure you have travel insurance

This is a precautionary measure. You never know what may happen and it’s wise to be on the safe side in case of an accident. Travel insurance saves you money in hospital bills. Ensure you get one before you start your trip.

Have some cash on small bills

This can be used for tipping when you arrive at your hotel or as you visit places. Cash also comes in handy in case of an emergency where a credit card or debit card cannot be used immediately.

Take advantage of free walking tours


Free walking tours will be a great way of knowing your way around Orlando. Several walking tours around Orlando are organized by locals and you can tip them at the end of the tour for an amount you feel is comfortable with you. Mostly it’s around $10 but you can be a little more generous.

Step out of your comfort zone

Be willing to try out new things. Take advantage of your trip to do something spontaneous that you don’t necessarily do at home. Try a new hobby, go bungee jumping or skydiving if you love a good adrenaline thrill. It will not only rejuvenate you but make you see the world through different lenses.

Sunrise is better than sunset

Most attractions are always overrun by tourists during the day and towards sunset. Not many people visit during sunrise. For this reason, you will have most places to yourself at sunrise. The city streets also have fewer people in the early morning hours, making it ideal for you to explore on your own. You can also take beautiful photos during this period.

Make a plan but don’t over plan

Have a plan for the first two to three days including your place of accommodation. From there you can then move with the flow by also having your ear on the ground to know other must-visit attractions you didn’t know of. You should also try to be flexible and open to new possibilities.

Buy souvenirs and take lots of photos for the memories

Photos and souvenirs are a good way to preserve memories after your trip. Visit attractions and take lots of photos, some of which you can print and hang at home to remind you of the good times. Visit the local souvenir shops and get yourself something too to remind you of your time in Orlando.

Don’t be afraid to try the street food


Street foods are most of the time the most authentic and freshest. Just walk around looking for vendors surrounded by locals. They are also cheap compared to other tourist traps and you can have a good time chatting with the other patrons.

Don’t let your guard down and trust your instincts

If your gut tells you something isn’t ok then it is not. Avoid doing what you wouldn’t do at home. Avoid partying until the wee hours of the morning and walking to your hotel alone. Don’t get into a car with strangers, and avoid dark alleys.

Get off the beaten path

In the spirit of adventure try offbeat attractions. You will equally have a good time and also leave the big crowds behind. Most offbeat destinations are also cheaper.

Navigating Florida’s Exclusive Boating Escapes for a Celebrity Getaway

After immersing yourself in the glamour and luxury of Orlando’s attractions, consider extending your journey beyond the city limits. Florida boasts enchanting boating communities that offer a serene escape. Explore the picturesque waterways, discover hidden gems along the coast, and indulge in the exclusive experiences that these communities have to offer. It’s a perfect opportunity to unwind and add a touch of sophistication to your celebrity getaway.

Feel free to wander 

Get immersed in the local way of life. Get outside and take a walk. Get lost in the streets and markets. Chat with the locals and make friendships.


Orlando will always leave you spoilt for choice, thanks to her many tourist attractions. There are many USA cars for rent companies that you can rent a car in Orlando. Get one befitting your status and by applying the few tips discussed above enjoy your time in Orlando.

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