4 Measures To Consider To Purchase The Best Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters have become extremely popular in households for the plethora of benefits it provides for their users. You can obtain hot water when required; therefore, you do not have to incur standby energy …

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Tankless water heaters have become extremely popular in households for the plethora of benefits it provides for their users. You can obtain hot water when required; therefore, you do not have to incur standby energy losses, and money is saved in the long run.

These appliances do not require a storage unit; just by switching the hot-water faucet, cold water enters the heat exchanger, and the water gets heated with an electric current or a natural gas burner.

The best tankless water heater can produce up to 15.2 liters of hot water per minute, depending on the water heater you purchase, and uses advanced technology to heat water but uses less energy and guarantees a good warranty.

If you are looking for a tankless water heater in the market, then here are specific measures for you to consider. This easy guide will help you through the selection process and also provides a few tips to maintain the productivity of the appliance.

Advantages Of Tankless Water Heater

As opposed to conventional storage heaters, these appliances save 24% to 34% more energy even while heating 41 gallons of water each day. These machines have a high life expectancy and consist of parts that can be easily replaced, boosting efficiency even for longer.

Some of the other benefits of the appliances include:

  1. These machines can turn any water source into hot water on demand. The technology can instantly supply hot water, helping you meet your demand spontaneously.
  2. You can observe a 40% reduction in energy bill levels appropriately.
  3. One can face space shortage upon using conventional heaters, but with tankless heaters, you do not have to face space shortage. They can be easily mounted on walls or kept outside the home.
  4. You do not have to face the issue of rust developing in storage units of conventional heaters comparing water quality. You can always obtain fresh and clean water from tankless heaters.

Choosing The Right Tankless Water Heater

It can be quite an arduous task to choose a tankless water heater that best suits your requirement. To determine the best tankless water heater, you must meditate on size, fuel availability, energy efficiency, and overall budget. These factors will make your work easier.


It is essential to purchase a properly sized appliance to ensure it meets all your hot water demands adequately. In the case of tankless water heaters, the size is determined by the flow rate and rise in temperature required.

Fuel Availability

Choosing the fuel availability, cost, and type is essential as it affects the household’s annual operation cost and determines the heater’s efficiency. Fuel options available include electricity, fuel oil, geothermal energy, natural gas, propane, and solar energy.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency or energy factor determines the efficiency of the appliance based upon the calculation of the amount of hot water produced and the amount of fuel used. The thumb rule indicates that the higher the energy factor, the more efficient your heater is.


Budget plays an important role when deciding the right appliance for your household. Apart from the budget, costs for installation, maintenance, and consultation from a professional are also to be considered.

How To Maintain Tankless Water Heater

It is not uncommon to observe the efficiency of the appliance getting reduced to the accumulation of minerals and simultaneous erosion of the walls.

To ensure your machine has an increased working efficiency, you can follow the following steps.

  1. Replace the filter of the water line to ensure hard water and sediments do not get accumulated in the heater.
  2. If natural gas is used as fuel for your water heater, ensure proper care is taken to replace the air filter as well.
  3. You can descale and flush the entire system every four to six years. You can use customized scaling solutions or vinegar solutions to ease the process.

Bottom Line

When choosing the best tankless water heater in the market, various measures should be taken into account. Meditate upon the multiple factors mentioned in the guide and choose the water heater that caters to the best of your needs.

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