5 Best RV Washer Dryer Combo (Ventless) – Buyer’s Guide

One of the biggest challenges RVers face is finding the right appliances to fit in their compact living spaces. The lack of space and traditional utility hookups makes it difficult to install a washer and …

Best RV Washer Dryer Combo
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One of the biggest challenges RVers face is finding the right appliances to fit in their compact living spaces. The lack of space and traditional utility hookups makes it difficult to install a washer and dryer.

And if you’re tired of lugging dirty laundry to laundromats or paying for expensive RV laundry services while you’re traveling?

But not anymore! With the advancement of technology, ventless RV washer-dryer combos have become a game-changer for RVers.

These compact and convenient appliances allow you to do your laundry on the go and offer the convenience of washing and drying clothes in one unit, saving you time and space in your RV without the need for external venting. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 ventless RV washer-dryer combos on the market, as well as a buyer’s guide to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Types Of RV Washer Dryers

There are three main types of RV washer-dryers: Portable, Vented, and Ventless.


As the name suggests, these RV Washers and dryers are portable and can be easily moved from one location to another. They are small in size and are designed to be used in RVs, Campers, boats, or cabins. However, this means you get a smaller washing and drying capacity. The smallest portable Washer and dryer can hold up to 8 pounds of clothes, while the largest can hold up to 18 pounds.


A Vented Washer Dryer requires a venting system to get rid of the moist air produced during the drying process. They typically come with a vent hose that can be connected to an exterior vent, or You need to drill a hole in the RV wall. Vented washer-dryers are great for those who have the space to install them and prefer a more permanent washing and drying solution.


Ventless RV Washer Dryers do not require a venting system and instead use a condensation drying process to get rid of the moist air generated during the drying cycle. They are compact, easy to install, and don’t take up a lot of space. Ventless washer-dryers are ideal for those who have limited space in their RV and want a more energy-efficient and convenient solution.

5 Best Ventless RV Washer Dryer Combo

1. KoolMore 2-in-1 Front Load Washer and Dryer Combo

The product on the list is the KoolMore 2-in-1 Front Load Washer and Dryer Combo. It is a small but powerful appliance, a great choice for tight spaces. This unit has both a washer and a dryer built-in, so you can both wash and dry your clothes without the need for a different dryer unit. You can use it in an RV, but it’s also perfect for apartments, dorms, and smaller homes. It offers 16 washing and 4 drying cycles which is suitable for all kinds of fabrics, from clothes to delicates and jeans.

The 20-minute wash cycle feature is fast and effective. It has a 1300 RPM max spin speed which makes washing and drying clothes faster and more convenient. This RV Washer Dryer Combo is approved by UL and has been verified to be energy-efficient. The machine is designed with push-button operations, making it simple to use. The LED display adds extra convenience and makes the user experience even better. KoolMore provides a 1-year warranty for parts and labor.

2. Conserv Ver 2 Pro 24″ Compact Combo Washer Dryer

The next on the list is the Conserv Ver 2 Pro Washer Dryer Combo. This machine has 8 washing cycles, including prewash, heavy, standard, quick 20, baby, delicates, wool, and quiet. This allows you to choose the cycle that works best for the fabric you are washing. The Conserv Ver 2 Pro has an amazing feature – a convertible venting system. You can easily switch between vented and ventless drying with the press of a button. The vented drying mode is 30% faster than the ventless mode due to better airflow. This gives you the flexibility to choose the best drying option that suits your needs and the season.

The machine has different drying options, including Sensor Dry, 60-Minute Time Dry, and 12-Minute Refresh Dry, with 4 levels of dryness. The machine also has a special winterized cycle for RV users, making it perfect for anyone who has to use it in different conditions. The quiet cycle runs slowly with a noise level of under 60 dB, making it a great choice for families with different schedules, babies, and senior citizens. The machine is available in six different color options, including black, red, silver, champagne gold, pink, and white, allowing you to choose a color that fits your personal style.

3. LG WM3488HW 24″ Washer/Dryer Combo

The next recommendation is the LG WM3488HW. It has a large 2.3 cu. ft. capacity, which makes it one of the biggest washer-dryer combos on this list in terms of capacity. It has a great feature called 6Motion™ Technology. This technology uses up to six different wash motions to give you a gentle but effective cleaning. With its stainless steel drum, it is both durable as well as easy to clean. This washing machine has a TubClean Cycle specially made for easy maintenance and to keep the Washer clean and fresh.

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This cycle uses water jets and very hot temperatures to clean the tub, so your Washer keeps working well. This machine has been designed with the user in mind. If you ever encounter any problems, the SmartDiagnosis feature can help you diagnose the issue over the phone or with an app on your smartphone. This way, you don’t have to pay for any expensive and inconvenient service call. Finally, it comes with a 10-year warranty on its Inverter DirectDrive Motor, so feel confident knowing it will last a long time.

4. Equator Ver 2 Pro 24″ Compact Combo Washer Dryer

The Equator Ver 2 Pro is a compact washer-dryer solution. This washing machine is great for those who live in an RV. Why? Because it has an easy-to-use winterize cycle that only takes two minutes, The process is easy and fast: just put the antifreeze into the drum and press start. The Equator Ver 2 Pro is also great for quiet places because it runs very quietly at less than 60 decibels. It’s perfect for bedrooms, campgrounds, or families with babies. The machine’s stainless steel drum is very strong and durable, so it won’t rust or stain over time.

The dry cycle also has a wrinkle guard feature that stops clothes from getting creased by turning the drum every five minutes after the cycle ends. The Equator Ver 2 Pro also has a smart display, with a three-color LCD display that is inspired by smartphone design. The electronic control panel lights up with easy-to-read symbols, and the machine also features a dual fan system for improved ventilation, giving you a reduced dry time. The machine also has a delay start function allowing you to program it to start up to 24 hours in advance for even more added convenience.

5. LG Smart Wi-Fi Enabled All-In-One Washer/Dryer

Here’s another great RV washer-dryer combo ventless from LG. This all-in-one washer/dryer can clean big loads in up to 30 minutes less time, making it a great choice for those who are looking to save time while still getting a thorough clean. The 6Motion Technology uses up to 6 different wash motions to provide a gentle yet effective cleaning. For people with allergies, this washing machine is AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) Certified. it uses the power of steam to remove over 95% of pet dander and dust mites.

It has an impressive smart connectivity feature. The ThinQ app sends you alert messages to your smartphone, so you can monitor usage and maintenance and get notifications if there are any early diagnoses. The ultra-large capacity (4.5 cu.ft.) means you have the room to do more laundry in fewer loads, making it a great choice for busy households. Another key feature of this washer/dryer is the ColdWash Technology. This tech uses cold water and special washing movements to go deep into fabrics, giving you cold water savings with the same performance as warm water. The Inverter DirectDrive Motor comes with a 10-year warranty, which shows that it is a high-quality and long-lasting appliance.

Best RV Washer Dryer Combo (Ventless) – Buyer’s Guide

Loading Capacity

The loading capacity of an RV washer and dryer combo tells us how much laundry can be put in the washing machine for one cycle. This is an important factor to consider when choosing an RV washer and dryer combo because it directly affects the efficiency of the machine.

If you don’t have a lot of clothes to wash, you might want to get a washer that has a smaller capacity. Remember that the drying capacity is usually smaller than the wash capacity, sometimes even half. This is because the tub needs more space to let air move and dry your clothes properly.

Don’t overload the washing machine. Following the manufacturer’s recommended loading capacities helps the machine work better and faster. Too much stuff in the tub can lead to longer wash cycles and lower performance.

Size And Dimensions

When buying a washer-dryer combo for your RV, size, and dimensions are important factors to consider. RVs have limited interior space, so You need to measure the space where you plan to install the unit to ensure that it will fit properly. RVs are built to be lightweight, so it’s important to make sure that the washer-dryer combo you choose is not too heavy.

Design And Features

You will find most of the Washer and dryer combo ventless comes with a front load. Though they may come with a higher upfront cost, the benefits they provide in terms of convenience and speed make them a worthwhile investment.

But what exactly sets front-load models apart from other washer-dryer options on the market? For starters, these units are designed to maximize space utilization which makes them ideal for those with limited room to work with. For example: if you have a tight kitchen setup with limited counter space, front-loading models can easily fit underneath a sink or table.

And when it comes to drying, these machines have got you covered. With options for different drying intervals, you’ll be able to enjoy perfectly dried laundry in no time. Although it’s normal for a full load to take at least 30 minutes to dry, the exact time will vary depending on the machine’s capacity.

Noise Operation

If the washer-dryer combo is too loud, it can make it difficult to sleep, watch television or engage in conversation while it is running. This can detract from the overall enjoyment of the RV experience. In contrast, a washer-dryer combo with a low noise level can provide a more pleasant and peaceful living environment making it easier to relax and enjoy time in the RV.

It is important to check the decibel (dB) rating of the washer-dryer combo before making a purchase to ensure that it will not generate excessive noise. A rating of 60 dB or lower is generally considered to be quiet and suitable for use in an RV.

Energy Efficient

RVs typically have limited energy resources, and appliances like washer-dryer combos can consume a lot of energy. Energy efficient models can help to reduce the strain on your RV’s energy system allowing you to use other appliances without sacrificing performance. Energy-efficient appliances also help to reduce your carbon footprint. By consuming less energy, these appliances emit fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which contributes to a healthier environment.

Final Words

RV washer and dryer combos provide convenience and efficiency in a compact unit, improving your travel experience. With the top 5 ventless RV washer-dryer combos highlighted in this blog, you can now make an informed decision when choosing the best one for your needs.

Before making a purchase, be sure to consider the size, loading capacity, features, and energy rating of the unit. With the right RV washer-dryer combo, you’ll be able to enjoy clean and fresh clothes wherever your travels take you.

So, which one of the 5 best RV washer-dryer combos caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Ventless Dryer Good for RV?

Of course, a ventless dryer is good for an RV. If you often stay in remote areas where finding a laundry room is not always possible, Ventless dryers are the way to go. In terms of performance, ventless dryers are designed to work efficiently in a small space, which is perfect for limited space, such as in an RV. Additionally, the ventless dryer was also very energy-efficient.

How Does an RV Ventless Washer Dryer Work?

The Ventless Washer Dryer technology uses a combination of a powerful condenser and an efficient ventilation system. The condenser extracts all the moisture from the air inside the machine, leaving your clothes fresh and dry. Meanwhile, the ventilation system ensures that air circulates freely, further speeding up the drying process.

What Are the Cons of a Washer Dryer Combo?

Like any appliance, the Washer Dryer combo has its downsides too. Here are some of the cons you should keep in mind:

  • Limited Capacity
  • Slower Wash and Dry Cycles
  • Less Efficiency
  • More Expensive to Repair

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