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Big Kahuna 13.0 Gallon Portable Shower

Big Kahuna 13.0 Gallon Portable Shower

Big Kahuna 13.0 Gallon Portable Shower

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Big Kahuna 13.0 Gallon Portable Shower
BK-13Retail: $179.00Sale price: $159.00
The 13.0 Gallon Big Kahuna Portable Shower is a completely self-contained, twelve volt (12V) powered portable shower and fresh water tank for boats. This rugged, compact, portable shower makes it an ideal addition to your life. You provide the water, and the Big Kahuna Portable Shower will provide the shower. It is the Worlds largest 12 Volt Portable Shower.

Completely self-contained and potentially the best portable shower on the market today! Perfect for use as a camping shower, remote job-site shower, for emergency preparedness, for rinsing off the kids and the family pets!

Easy to use convenience features include a 12-volt submersible pump, a variable pressure controlled shower head, patented water tight lid, and a UV absorbing hose, container and lid to warm up the water.

  • 13.0 Gallon
  • Shower Hose: Long Coiled Hose
  • Variable Pressure Controlled Shower Head
  • Compact Design
  • Hose, Container, & Lid Absorb UV To Warm Water
  • Easy To Operate � Patented Water Tight Lid
  • 12-Volt submersible pump
  • Several Accessories to Customize for your Shower Needs
  • Compact Pump Improves Efficiency & Power
  • Includes 12volt accessory Plug For Auto, RV, & Other 12 Volt System
  • 14 inches square 19 inches high

    We Recommend These Simple Steps:
  • Leave lid off to air out. (do not lose the lid)
  • Keep the custom box: just in case you need to return it or have it repaired.
  • Proudly Made In The USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

    Long-Term Storage or Light Use: 1. Fill container to 3/4 or completely full 2. Add 1/2 cap full of bleach 3. Run pump to circulate bleach completely through the system 4. Let it sit overnight 5. Dump out the water 6. Refill your unit with fresh water and run it completely through the unit to rinse out the bleach. This will keep the hose, container, pump and showerhead germ clear for years.

    Special Order Item.

    Watch this video of the Big Kahuna Shower.

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