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Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

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Grub Hub Camp Kitchen
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Make camping easy with a Grub Hub® camp kitchen!

The Grub Hub organizes, stores and transports all camp kitchen gear then sets up in less than 3 minutes to provide the ultimate camp kitchen and campsite HUB.

It provides sturdy table space, complete gear organization, stove platform, lantern tower, and everything else needed for organized camping - including the kitchen sink

Pack for your next trip in minutes instead of hours. Forget sorting and packing all of the outdoor kitchen gear such as stove, lantern, pots and pans, plates and mugs, condiments, utensils, paper towels, lighters, can opener, etc. The Grub Hub organizes, stores and hauls everything so you can spend your outdoor vacation time playing instead of packing and organizing gear.

The Grub Hub was developed from years of outdoor experience to make it easy for those who enjoy camping while pursuing outdoor activities such as: mountain biking, fishing, rock climbing, hiking, photography, hunting, kite boarding, surfing, rafting, canoeing, boating, ice fishing, off-roading, overlanding, tailgating, and music festivals or events.

The Grub Hub makes getting out there much easier for families, guides, scouts and everyone who enjoys camping but doesn't enjoy spending their time rummaging for camping gear in plastic totes and bags and bins. It also makes it easy to move the party outside and cook outside of a camper or trailer.

A Dozen Reasons to Get a Grub Hub for Your Next Camping Trip

1. It hauls all of the camp kitchen gear and then becomes the kitchen.
2. Provides organized storage space and shelving to manage all typical outdoor cooking gear.
3. Makes it easier to get packed and get going onany camping trip.
4. Makes outdoor life at the campsite much easier by providing organized campsite hub.
5. Compact, lightweight and ultra-portable. Fits into virtually any vehicle or boat.
6. Provides sturdy table space for prep and dining.
7. Built in tower supports lighting, organizers and gravity fed water.
8. Stable tripod configuration designed for outdoor use.
9. Sets up in less than 3 minutes.
10. Folds easily and quickly, compacting to less space that would be needed for separate gear boxes, bags, tables, light stand, etc.
11. Built-in features such as the kitchen sink, air dry bags, paper towel holder, utensil rack, litter bag and stakes make outdoor kitchen tasks easy to complete.
12. Designed for serious extended outdoor use in all weather conditions. Includes 5 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

  • Over 9 sq ft table space with molded back table for dining
  • Aluminum top supports 2 burner camp stove or smaller back pack stove.
  • Tower organizer holds all cooking necessities
  • Provides support for lantern and 6 liter water bag
  • Spatula rack
  • Air dry bags for dishes
  • Weather resistant paper towel holder
  • Over 4200 cubic inches of storage space
  • Three adjustable interior shelves
  • Stakes for anchoring in windy conditions
  • Six inch all terrain tires
  • Zippered back compartment for storing campfire grill
  • Front pocket system for holding camp shovel
  • Front flap pocket holds most 2 burner gas campstove
  • Folding kitchen sink.

    #1 User Tip: Stick 1" round grip pads (available at most hardware stores) on the bottom of your stove so it does not slide on the aluminum stove support surface.

    For a fast start when your Grub Hub arrives, see the setup video:

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