How Does GoodSAM Responder Work?

Most RV or motor home vehicle owners always doubt their insurance, which provides them roadside assistance to handle unfortunate incidents while traveling on the road. Apart from general car insurance companies, some clubs provide roadside …

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Most RV or motor home vehicle owners always doubt their insurance, which provides them roadside assistance to handle unfortunate incidents while traveling on the road. Apart from general car insurance companies, some clubs provide roadside protection, especially for RVs or motorhomes.

For instance, insufficient fuel, flat tires, battery repair, medical emergencies, and sudden vehicle breakdowns that need to be fixed at the garage, so necessary towing arrangements, etc., are covered by the RV roadside assistance programs of these insurance providers.

Today, we will analyze the well-known RV insurance provider club GoodSAM, and its overall work process. In short, who offers great deals on their RV roadside assistance program? So, let’s start the topic by understanding what is RV roadside assistance to get in-depth knowledge of the subject.

What is RV Roadside Assistance?

What is RV Roadside Assistance

Any vehicle Insurance covers damages that happen to vehicles due to road accidents or natural disasters, thefts, and any injury to the vehicle owner while traveling. However, the same cover applies to the RV insurance policies as well. Moreover, the roadside assistance program is a value-adding feature that makes these RV insurance policies worth purchasing. In roadside assistance programs, these insurance providers availed the following services

  • RV breakdown or mechanical issues – In roadside maintenance, in case the RV owner faces any issues while traveling, such as a sudden breakdown due to technical reasons, is covered under the roadside assistance program.
  • Towing Facility – If the RV owner faces any severe damage to the vehicle that needs to be fixed at the garage, roadside assistance will provide the towing facility to the RV owner.
  • Sufficient Fuel Supply – If RV owner encounters fuel requirement during camping or traveling, they can request the roadside assistance clubs to provide the fuel at their current location. So, the RV owner will reach the nearest fuel station without any hassle.
  • Tires Replacement – A flat tire is quite a difficult issue many RV owners face. Roadside assistance plans solve this issue by sending their technical staff to fix it.
  • Battery Repair or Replacement – Batteries are also an essential part of these motorhomes. Hence, the roadside assistance team covers any RV battery maintenance or, if necessary, the replacement of the batteries.
  • Wenching Services – Some clubs use this service to pull out the stuck RV or motorhome.
  • Locksmith Services – this service is commonly offered by many clubs where the member misplaces the vehicle keys. To unlock the vehicle, roadside assistance provides a locksmith service.

RV insurance covers all the above components under roadside assistance plans. In short, the RV owner can resolve his RV-related problems through roadside assistance plans, which are covered under the RV insurance policy. Some renowned insurance providers in the market offer excellent support to RV owners on their on-road journeys.

Good Sam Club is one of them that offers the ultimate assistance to their member if the RV owner encounters any problems or collisions during their traveling. So let’s find out next how Good Sam’s roadside assistance exactly works.

Good Sam: Road Side Assistance

Road Side Assistance

Good Sam is basically a club especially formed for RV owners along with membership in the club. Good Sam initially offers a roadside assistance plan for their members in which they provide 24/7 help regardless of place. Let’s see what Good Sam’s roadside protection plans serve to their members.

Good Sam: Roadside Assistance Offered Services

Roadside Assistance Offered Services

  • 24/7 availability for any RV-related emergency through toll-free service or Android Application.
  • Tire replacement service
  • Battery Maintenance Service
  • Vehicle Lockout service
  • Emergency fuel or fluid supply
  • Unlimited distance Towing Service
  • Mobile Mechanic Services as per requirement.
  • Trip Interruption Cost

According to Good Sam Club members, Good Sam has been a reliable road assistance provider. However, Good Sam’s has faced some backlash from some of their consumers due to various reasons.

So, they recommend that one-on-one talk with the club’s relationship officer before buying the Good Sam’s Road assistance plan. Here, we have shared tips to keep in mind before buying any road assistance plan.

  • Check if the plan covers the RV model you own
  • Ensure what type of RV maintenance, such as mechanical problems, is covered under the plan.

Competitors: Good Sam vs. AAA

Good Sam vs. AAA.jpg

In the battle of Good Sam vs. AAA, Good Sam RV Club will be an appropriate choice to hold on to, as per many reviews. Meanwhile, other RV clubs have also provided roadside services like Good Sam. AAA RV Club is one of them. In fact, AAA has been counted as Good Sam’s biggest competitor in the market for very long. AAA also provides similar services as Good Sam, but it costs more than Good Sam.


RVs are precious assets for any owner; hence, they must be cared for and maintained diligently to sustain long. However, to do so, various insurance companies and RV clubs offer various insurance plans with roadside assistance coverage.

In this article, we have explained the overall roadside assistance concept with services the RV club offers. Along with this, we have discussed the core component of a major roadside assistance provider club of the RV market, Good Sam.

We have shared the information about its plans, offered services, and its competitors. The information provided in this article will indeed help you understand the overall roadside assistance topic.

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