How to Stop Mice from Invading your RV or Camper home

If you are moving in your RV and you come to see mouse droppings in your camper, then that could be the worst thing to look at. You will have to look for ways how …

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RV or camper home

If you are moving in your RV and you come to see mouse droppings in your camper, then that could be the worst thing to look at. You will have to look for ways how to keep mice out of camper. After a lot of trying and taking things out of permutation and combination, some ways can help keep your camper away from mice.


The most common way of disallowing mice inside the camper is by obstructing the entry points. In case you look at the surrounding of the camper, then you might find numerous points where you can do a seal. You might require certain tools that can help you seal the entry points.

Spray Foam

Spray foam could be the quickest and smartest way to block a certain hole where mice might enter. The holes could differ in size. The spray foams can be spread across the holes, and then they take time to harden. It generally takes time to expand, so there is no need to overfill the stuff and the mouth of the holes.

Mesh Screen

You can make a wire mesh screening in places where you want the air to pass through. You can stuff the meta screening with tight mesh wires so that even the baby mice cannot pass through. These types of wires are the best for doors made from propane. You may tie with an Eternabond and any other type of tape to help you hold things in place without using any screws.

Steel Wool

These are the best to tie up holes. They are made up of steel, and rats hate chewing such objects. Use a butter knife or flat-head spoon to push some steel wool inside the holes. Please keep checking the smallest of the vents and make sure to seal them with steel wool. You can seal the food and other containers that can compel the mouse to make a nest and likewise other things also.

You can use plug-in mouse deterrents that produce ultrasonic waves when put inside the sockets. Mice find these very much annoying and flee away.


You should keep the food in certain stores made from plastics. You should seal your pet food too. Please keep all your food items in the microwave but don’t forget to remove the stuff before switching it on. Ziplock bags and cardboard packages might not be effective and restrain mice from chewing the food inside. The best practice to retrain mice from entering the camper is removing your food in packed condition and throwing it into the bins.

If you keep those packing papers as extras in your house, they will be infested with rats. You can keep all the extras like towels, tissues, and balls in the bin.


Repelling technique is the best thing that could be applied in the case of mice. You can always try the method of repelling to keep the mice and rodents away. The use of the following things might prevent the entry of mice.

Peppermint Oil

The best way to keep the pets away is to apply peppermint oil. They might be toxic, irritating, and harmful for your pets too. They are quite effective in keeping pests away. The perfect way to use them is either spraying the clothes or maybe wrapping the oil in cotton balls. But you know something that whenever the smell vanishes, the mice might infest again.

Commercial Botanical Mixes

The botanical mixes are the products that work well in repelling the mice. They are

  • Granules: The granules generally come in little pouches, making them easy to put around the camper.
  • Sprays: Sprays are chemicals packed in a bottle and have nozzles attached. They can also act as lubricants and prevent the mice from clinging.


Mice reside in the dark and fear light. You can keep a streak of light inside the camper, which could keep the mice away.

Mouse Traps


Using poison could be dangerous for some kinds, but you can rest assured that it will kill the mice. Rather some mouse, after eating the poison, go and die outside.

If You Find a Dead Rat, What Can You Do to It?

You might find a rat dead in some parts of your camper or elsewhere. You can do the following to eliminate the perils it might incur. You will be required to research how to keep mice out of camper.

  • You will have to wear your rubber, latex, or maybe vinyl gloves while doing the cleanup of mice.
  • Wear proper breathing protection and then ventilate the area where the mice were dad.
  • Make a solution with bleach and water and lay it over the dead rat.
  • Before disposing of the dead rat, you will have to put them in a disinfectant solution for around five minutes and then wipe it up with a paper towel or rag.
  • Place the dead rat in a plastic bag and then seal it. You can put this arrangement in another bag and seal it for the second time; make sure there is no leakage.
  • Place the bag in a trash with a cover that is generally cleaned regularly.
  • Remove your gloves and wash them with soap and water. Cleaning them with alcohol and water is also justified.

Calling over professionals in your place could be effective as they can study and tell what exact measures to be taken in order or get rid of the mice of rodents. You can purchase a pest control package that can take care of controlling your mice and any other pests.

Anyways, an RV requires a degree of maintenance to keep it healthy and pest free. There are some tips to keep it clean in general, and also you get an idea of how to keep mice out of camper. The maintenance can be split into two types- general and seasonal types.

While Maintaining the Camper in General, Follow the Points Mentioned

  • Clean the floor occasionally.
  • Keep checking the roof.
  • Cleaning the awnings is a mandatory action.
  • You must keep a check on the tire tread and pressure.
  • Inspect the holding tanks like black water, fresh water, and grey water.
  • Check the air conditioning machine, replacing filters and heating gazettes.
  • You can brake over the light function and check the tail.
  • Inspection of the towing and the hitching part is essential.

Here are Some Seasonal Maintenance You Can Do

  • You can empty the pipes for complete cleaning.
  • Prepare the trailer for storage.
  • You can inspect the battery occasionally.
  • Give your travel trailer a deep and detailed cleaning.
  • You can inspect your trailer for any damage.
  • Applying a coat of wax is essential for the trailer.
  • You can replace the water filter in your water heater.
  • Applying lubrication in any place where the metals rub against each other is mandatory. This is applicable for the steps, hitch, and leveling jacks.

Apart from regular cleaning, the maintenance, you can take steps like pest control and perhaps understand the ways how to keep mice out of camper.

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