How to Store Your RV for Winters?

Not everybody uses their RV all year round and can handle the harsh winter months. Some might be looking out for a space to store their RVs for winters. Proper storage for the next season …

RV in Winters Parked along a Snowman
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Not everybody uses their RV all year round and can handle the harsh winter months. Some might be looking out for a space to store their RVs for winters. Proper storage for the next season is a task that needs to be done very carefully. Thinking of storing in your RV for winters or you can just call ‘winterizing your RV has many ways to do that. In winters, the temperature goes way too below to freeze everything out.

Once the season arrives, prepare all the materials and start working on them. There are points to consider before finally storing it somewhere till the new season befall.

Things to consider before winterizing your RV

  • Drain the water system
  • Before winter arrives draining your water system is necessary it can freeze and lead to blockage of wires and linings of the RV. All the waste. Tanks and pipes should be completely checked out properly.

  • Checking the exterior
  • Keeping your RV for a prolonged period can take a toll on your vehicle. A lot of harmful radiation such as UV rays and the ozone layer can wreak havoc on the exterior of the RV. UV rays make the wear tear easily and can cause severe damage. Clean all the exterior parts such as the roof, all the seals and linings for any gap to avoid as this may cause water to seep in causing major damage to your RV in winters.

  • The interiors
  • Even a small opening to the RVs walls can lead any creature to get in and make their home. Rats or other creatures might chew in all the wires and lead to harmful damage. Make sure to check all the cracks and crevices before storing them.

    Make sure to clean the refrigerator and defrost it. make sure to turn off all the gas valves, windows, cabinets, doors and drawers. Check out the AC filters and clockes and unused batteries.

  • The chassis
  • Not to take lightly but your chassis in the RV is as important as other parts. UV rays damage them and your tires may wear out because of it. it is better to always cover the tires to avoid major sunlight exposure. Harsh winter and frozen tires can damage it completely.

  • Location
  • So here comes another important point to consider and that is the location to choose to set up still your RV. Wherever you are planning to park your RV, make sure to check it’s not hindering any area, or you can park somewhere in a sheltered area or under any roof. It should be saved from the wind and other harmful weather conditions as such.

  • Covering up
  • Invest in a good cover especially for an RV. Covers help to protect them from any damage such as paint vanishing, tires and other appliances. It will even protect it from the wind, chilly weather and other creatures and animals to cause any further harm to the vehicle.

  • Fuel stabilizer
  • Unused fuel can go bad over time and can cause short-circuit. Why not use a fuel stabilizer to avoid the remaining fuel going bad? The instructions in the manual are written about using the fuel stabilizers. Also, avoid keeping any oil in the RV as the acid in it might cause rust.

  • Frequent check-ups
  • Keep a track of your RV when stored in weeks to get to know if everything is okay. If any problem might not be in your hands, consult a customer service provider.

Ideas to keep well stored your RV in winters

Let’s get into some of the tips to keep your RV well stored: –

RV antifreeze

In a climate such as harsh weather, it is always better to invest in a good grade antifreeze.

Tire covers

Your van is consistently moving and later standstill for up to six months long. You can extend the life of your tires by covering them while keeping them away from the sun at the same time. To prevent the cracking of the sidewalls of your tires and extend their life of it there comes handy the tire covers.

Air conditioner covers

This one place is highly in demand. Asking why? Because these are the favourite place for birds to build nests and other debris to stop collecting there. These small things won’t pay you much and can cover your AC quite well. there comes a lot of varieties, and you can choose according to your RV.

RV cover

The next option is you can cover your whole RV walls with a single cover. it helps you in windy and stormy weather. There are manufacturing brands that make great RV covers. It is another solution for all your concerns whether it’s UV rays or protection from any living creatures. You can even customize your own RV cover. Isn’t it good you won’t have to wash it after you are back RVing? Get in a variety of colours and it would look good even when covered.


You can prevent all the moisture and mildew from forming in your RV. Get a good company’s dehumidifier to wick all the moisture out of the air and deposit it in a container provided with it to trap all the moisture.

Another tip: keep your fridge slightly open when storing your RV for a longer period to avoid any moisture built in your fridge.

Try these ideas to save your RV from getting damaged and rest assured.

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