How to Flush and Clean Your RV Water System?

The water system in an RV is the foremost and utmost essential issue that needed to be taken into consideration while camping. Once in every season, it is imperative that you go through all the …

Flush & Cleaning RV Water System
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The water system in an RV is the foremost and utmost essential issue that needed to be taken into consideration while camping. Once in every season, it is imperative that you go through all the flushing systems to ensure you are maintaining the proper hygiene. Keeping the tanks clean is an uphill task. You must be wondering how to do that? It isn’t a regular water system like in your home where you get all the water access. You must fill it up while you are on your camping journey.

RV drain hosepipe helps drain out the black and grey water tanks. All you need to do is to keep your water tanks and pipes working according to their function.

How exactly does the water system work?

A common thing about RV is it has three different water tanks: black water, greywater and fresh water tank. The freshwater tank is used for washing, scrubbing the dishes and drinking purposes. Grey and black water tanks are used for sewage purposes which relate to all the outlets, pipelines and other systems of your RV. It is imperative to clean your RV water system before and after camping.

How to clean it?

The best thing is to drain your van and make sure to not leave any residue. Blow out your RV to free it off from all the remains left while using (you’ll need an RV to blow out the plug for that) make sure they are totally empty after drainage and then you can go for the next procedure such as bleaching, sanitizing, and flushing the water system.

Bleaching and flushing the water system

What is the purpose of bleaching in a water system? Well, bleaching is used for killing the bad bacteria in your black water tank, but you need to use it in the right amount otherwise along with-it good bacteria get harmed that help in the breaking down of the waste in your tank. so, it should be used in moderation otherwise it can burn the seal pipes and linings of your RV water system. Use only 5 or 3 tablespoons, that’s it. it’s a powerful agent and you just need a couple of drops to kill the bacteria.


You must make a sewer hose connection between your RV and the campground sewer drain. A few things to keep in mind while flushing the system makes it a bit easier:

  • Adapters: Keep a collection of sewer hose adapters ready on hand because you never know what type of sewer drain the campsite will have. Some are threaded, smooth with different sizes and shapes. There are universal RV sewer adaptors too which can be used in any way.
  • Sewer hose: keep more than one sewer hose to reach the campground sewer drain of various lengths and sizes.
  • Sewer hose support: There are times when the campground sewer drain is high enough to get hose support for your RV. It will provide a good angle to the outlet. It will help to assist in draining the black water tank.
  • See-through water adapter: Where sewer hose connects with the campground sewer drain. An easy and only way to know when the black water tank is cleaned up while flushing it. to maintain the holding tank for long it should be flushed after emptying.

Some RVs have a naturally built-in flush system but fret not if you don’t have it. you can use the tank wand to rinse it clean the holding tank completely or even better you can use the reverse flush valve. After emptying the black water tank, you can connect the hose to the flush tank and let the water run on its own for some time. It gives a lot of time to flush and clean thoroughly.

A see-through adapter helps analyze the time duration of how long it takes to clean and flush the tank letting you know when it’s done. The only way to know whether it’s been done properly or not. Tip: let the water run until it’s clear this will give you the idea that the tank is properly maintained and ready for your next RVing.

On your camping trips, the black water tank doesn’t need to empty every time you use it. Once your trip is over it should be flushed before settling it into the storage. If planning for the next trip, just add some water to the tank and an appropriate amount of various flush water treatments mentioned above for the final touch. Make sure to add the see-through adapter to your list of flush treatments systems.

Extend your water holding tank shelf life by flushing it before and after usage. Take note of cleaning and flushing purposes according to your RV as different RVs has all way different drainage systems.

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