Mobile Rv Wash: How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does a Mobile Rv Wash Cost Near Me? The colour always wore out when you use too much. RVs are too user-friendly and popular. One who owns an RV knows how much work …

RV Washing
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How Much Does a Mobile Rv Wash Cost Near Me?

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The colour always wore out when you use too much. RVs are too
user-friendly and popular. One who owns an RV knows how much work goes
into its maintenance. The harsh wind, gale and dust ruin the outer surface
badly. So, it needs to clean and washed from time to time. What better
than a good RV wash service could be? All over the rigs, grill and the
edges, the dirt accumulates in between them making them less durable. The
paint gets bad and the colour fades. To make it a brand-new a through wash
service is mandatory. The cost varies from company to company and depends
on the type of colour you would like to have, and the material of the
paint matters as well. Most of the RV dealers have installed the RV
washing facilities at high prices to loot the customers. It’s always good
to get the right dealer for such things. Bitimec is the most
cost-effective RV washing solution in the market at $16.00/day.

What Is a Mobile Rv Wash?

Cleaning is essential and if you want your RV to be cleaned and are not in
a mood to take it to the stationary washing service, you can opt for a
mobile RV wash service. It moves from place to place and offers its
services accordingly.

Rv cleaning

Let’s delve into the detail to see how much cost an RV wash near me
would take.

Washing Equipment


First of all, we have to rinse off the RV with deionized water. Use a degreaser to cleanse the wheels following it up with a foam cannon to help remove all the debris. One should use the soaps while spraying called ‘blacklight’, a kind of chemical soap good for stuff like this. It has to be handled carefully as it is too expensive than the normal soap to be spilt around. This black-white liquid soap works wonders.

Anti-static wax

A good wax is similarly important in the washing process. The product mentioned below is worth buying because of its anti-static version and is the last product to use in the process of RV wash. An anti-static version just doesn’t attract dust and all keeping it clean and builds a thin layer of wax over it. And even though you travel to far places it will remain chic and dust-free. It’s available on Amazon in a size of 16 oz and comes as a power-packed product.

washing mitts

Wool washing mitts are the safest and coolest mitts you will find to clean before using them. You can use different mitts for upper and lower births. And for glass mirrors, one can use microfibre glass mitts. They hold up the dirt the longest and don’t damage the paint at all.

Blacklight Wax

This wax from Chemical Guys is specially built for the ultra-shine you want for your RV like a brand-new model. It will polish out the sturdy skin of the big vehicle and give it a bit of perfection providing them with enough protection. You can top it up with the wet finish for all the last-minute touch-ups.


Get Mckee’s Bug Scrubber with 2 packs each on amazon. It looks like a honeycomb and is very efficient in trapping all the bugs and fine particles without causing any scratches.

So, over the estimation, whether it’s a mobile service or not the cost would be almost the same because the equipment used in washing is the same.

How to Find the Mobile Rv Services Near Me?

The options are not much available and to find the best deals you need to be way more creative. You need to find out the best possible ways for your RV wash. Some of them can help you: –
Internet, google searches, RV park managers near you, RV dealership providers, RV stores, etc. You can also go for platforms like Yelp or Bing where you can read reviews and decide. Some RV owners and users who are experienced in this setup can give you really cool ideas about the mobile services they have been using already.

Types of Mobile Rv Wash Services Near Me

One can’t be sure about the services being provided or whether they are 100% guaranteed but they can give you an idea of the best services to choose from.

General mobile RV service

They are sort of mechanics that serve all kinds of technical repairing and washing and can be found almost anywhere. But it’s good to not expect any kind of RV specialist service.

Mobile RV specialist

As the name suggests, these specialists are designed specifically for the RV wash systems with the right knowledge of how to get the best of both worlds- washing as well as the right equipment to use for the service.

Does Mobile Rv Washing Services Save You Water?

Most RV services provide eco-friendly washing options with waterless spray washes to keep it from wasting gallons of water. Using chemicals filled with high lubricity help trap all the dirt and specks of dust. With the help of the cloth, you wipe all the bodies of the RV and repeat the process. Many washing companies use this technique to clean their RVs and save tons of water every time.

Things to Consider Before Opting for a Mobile Rv Washing Service.

Weather conditions

Changing weather does change the availability of these mobile services. They are available at a particular time such as preferably early morning is a good time to get the best service.

Washing equipment

These are a must because with the right set of tools even you can do it by yourself. It eases your work and gives a definite result.

Covering each area

While cleaning and washing, you may not be aware of the things so it’s always better to consider them before.

Right information’

While finding the Mobile RV wash services make sure you get the best deals and the prices with the RV dealership or else you will end up being stuck in a price boondoggle.

Experts’ advice

It’s always better to get the expert’s advice when you are looking for the best mobile RV washing service to avoid falling into a trap.

Some of the best mobile RV washing services that you can contact online are:

On the spot


detail xperts

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