How to Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets

A whopping one-third of homeowners claim that they wish they could remodel their kitchen. However, this does not have to mean spending thousands on completely replacing your existing hardware. Kitchen cabinets in Burnaby alone can …

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A whopping one-third of homeowners claim that they wish they could remodel their kitchen. However, this does not have to mean spending thousands on completely replacing your existing hardware. Kitchen cabinets in Burnaby alone can cost 30% more than those in the country, so it is worth trying a few simple hacks which refresh your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Painting or Staining

The most obvious way to remodel kitchen cabinets is by changing their colour or enhancing the pre-existing ones. If you have wooden kitchen cabinets, you can stain them. First, you must sand the wood down, which allows the stain to penetrate the wood. After that, you can begin the staining. Popular colours include rich hues such as ebony or brown. Alternatively, you can paint your kitchen cabinets. If you are pressed for time you can clean and prime the doors, colour them, add sealant, and be done. On the other hand, going the extra mile and removing the doors will help with precision.


Many homeowners choose to reface their kitchen cabinets because it is cost-efficient yet just as effective as buying new cabinets. Essentially, refacing means replacing the doors and veneers with new ones, but keeping the boxes of the cabinet. This is only an option if your kitchen cabinet is already in relatively good condition, as it is futile to do so if the bulk of it is destroyed. This process allows you to change the type of door or drawer, and switch the handles. Consequently, you’re left with a completely upgraded cabinet to match the new tone of your kitchen!


Lights are a brilliant way to make your kitchen cabinets appear more elegant and charming. You could add them to the underside of your floating cabinets, or the top of the cabinets on the ground. LED Striplights are the most common, as they are affordable and create a cohesive look. On the other hand, rope lights are also inexpensive but are more of a temporary solution. This depends on preference. Additionally, you can choose the colour of the lights. A warm white is great for sophistication, whilst coloured lights are vibrant and fun.

Adding Height

Adding height to your kitchen cabinets not only makes them look better but also elevates the entire room. Consequently, the space appears bigger and more luxurious. You can create height from the base by adding a frame underneath, whether this is wood or fibreboard. Alternatively, you can stack a small cabinet on top, which also extends the length of the cabinet. Both of these tricks will not only give you more space for your kitchenware but also improve the overall space.


Kitchen hardware is a great way to remodel your cabinets. Instead of completely replacing the entire cabinet, you can choose a few details and replace them with newer versions instead. This way, you can create a fresh look! An example of this is the handles. Often, handles become scratched or damaged with age and it is easy to tell. By replacing them with different colours or styles, you can drastically change the tone of your cabinet. Another example is the interior of the drawers. You can streamline the shape to create more slots, and whilst this cannot be seen from the outside, it is still useful. Dividers are a cheap way to do this.

Removing Or Changing the Doors

It may seem extreme, but removing the doors of your kitchen cabinets can make them appear edgier. The latest trend is having open shelving, which can look good in contrast to your other cabinets. This creates variety within the kitchen. You can use this cabinet to store kitchenware, or simply add decoration that you think will suit the interior of the room. Alternatively, if you prefer closed shelving, you can change the doors altogether. A great idea is a glass, so you can display your belongings!

Crown Molding

Crown moulding is a type of cornice. Essentially, it is a decorative composite, usually made of plaster, which you add on top of your kitchen cabinets. It helps to make the room appear more extravagant but also has many other advantages. The main benefit of crown moulding is that it can hide imperfections well, eliminating the need of having to buy an entirely new cabinet. You can also choose the pattern, whether it is simple or elaborate. By making it longer, you can also make the cabinet look taller and hence the room appear larger too.


Overall, we can gather many tips for remodelling kitchen cabinets. Quick and affordable ways include painting the doors or adding lights, whereas if you have more time, you can reface them or add a trim. The main benefits of updating your cabinet instead of purchasing a new one are that they are cheaper, but also allow you to be more creative and customize your cabinet based on your desires.

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