Is Towing a Car Behind an Rv Worth It?

Have you ever wondered if towing a car behind your RV is a good idea? We’ll find out whether hitching up a car to your RV is a smart move or just a hassle. We’ll …

Is Towing a Car Behind an Rv Worth It?
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Have you ever wondered if towing a car behind your RV is a good idea? We’ll find out whether hitching up a car to your RV is a smart move or just a hassle. We’ll talk about the perks.

Having your car means no more planning on costly taxis or complicated bus routes.

Conversely, there’s the extra weight and the challenge of moving a larger supply. And don’t forget the setup time attaching and detaching the car takes some patience.

So, is towing a car behind your RV a brilliant idea that adds more fun to your move, or is it just extra trouble? Stick around to find the real deal on whether this RV sidekick is worth its weight in fun and convenience.

Is Towing a Car Behind an RV Worth It?

1. Convenience of Exploration

Convenience of Exploration

Towing a car behind your RV is super handy. It’s like having a buddy along for the ride. Once you’ve parked your RV, you can let your car roam free. This cheap RV carport idea helps you move through tight spots and busy areas easily. It makes your travel time even better. Try having a secret tool that helps you find it without any worries. So, when you’re all settled in your RV spot, your car becomes your key to easy and fun searching. Whether it’s fitting through narrow spaces or driving on busy streets, this extra car makes your travel adventure awesome.

2. Fuel Efficiency and Costs

Fuel Efficiency and Costs

When you tie a car to your RV and pull it, there are a few important things to know. First, this can make your RV use more fuel. Your RV has to work harder to carry the added weight, so you’ll need more gas and spend more money on fuel—one major feature when towing is the use of towing mirrors. You need to buy specific stuff to make towing possible, which can be expensive. Plus, you must pay to get everything set up, which adds up when you start your trip. So, remember, towing can cost more in fuel and equipment. It’s smart to consider how helpful it is versus the extra costs before you decide to tow a car with your RV.

3. Vehicle Suitability

Vehicle Suitability

Not all cars can be flat towed, so you can’t just pull them behind another car. Some cars might get hurt if you tow them this way. You need to check if your car can be flat towed before you decide. Check your car’s book or ask the company to be sure. It’s an important step to keep your car safe. If your car can’t be flat towed, but you still need to move it, there are other ways. You can use a trailer or a dolly. These lift the car off the ground, so there’s no risk of damage.

4. Maintenance Considerations

Maintenance Considerations

Towing a car behind your RV might seem helpful, but it strains both vehicles. This can lead to more damage, so you spend more fixing them, which might not work well. It’s like carrying a heavy bag for a long walk. It tires you and the bag. Here, the RV and the towed car get tired, too. This strain could make you see the mechanic more and spend more fixing things. Think of running with a bag full of books. Soon, you’d get tired, and the bag might break. Similarly, towing a car can tire your RV’s engine and cause issues for the towed car.

5. Flexibility vs. Hassle

Flexibility vs. Hassle

Towing a car lets you take it with you when you travel, but it also brings the challenge of dealing with the towing process. Every time you stop or need to move, you have to connect and disconnect the car. This can take some time and be a bit annoying. While it’s cool to bring your car along, handling the towing setup might not always be smooth. Just remember, every stop needs some extra time and effort to get everything hooked up or detached. So, while towing gives you choices for where to go, it also adds some extra tasks to your move.

6. Exploration Freedom

Exploration Freedom

Bringing your car with your RV is super handy. It helps you find cool nearby places, get stuff done, and go on unplanned adventures, all without the big hassle of separating your whole RV setup. This kind of convenience makes your move even better. Whether you want to visit local attractions, quickly shop for things, or take a sudden road trip, having your car in tow makes everything easier. You won’t need to worry about disconnecting and reattaching your RV whenever you want to go somewhere. So, try being able to smoothly tow your car behind you, opening up lots of exciting possibilities during your travels.

7. Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Getting your towing system and Roof Cargo Box ready might cost you some money upfront. But it could be way cheaper than renting a car or using public transport to your destination. The cool part is you’ll have your vehicle with you. No need to worry about finding other ways to get around. This means you can find more without the stress of dealing with new transportation stuff. So, even though you’ll spend a bit initially, having a towing system can be a super smart and easy travel choice.


We discussed the pros and cons, like freedom to find and extra costs. Is it worth it? Well, it depends on you. Remember, towing means you can have your car with you wherever you go. You can find different places without worries.

Think about what you want. If you want flexibility, towing could be cool. You can easily move around. But if you’re okay with using other ways to get around, then the costs might not be worth it. Towing can be awesome for some and not so much for others. Consider your wallet, your plans, and your comfort with driving. That’s the key.

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