The Benefits of Investing in Tire Covers for Your RV

The tires of your RV are one of the main reasons behind rolling your trailer safely and smoothly for longer distances.RV tires are also expensive, and you would usually not like to change them due …

trailer tire covers
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The tires of your RV are one of the main reasons behind rolling your trailer safely and smoothly for longer distances.RV tires are also expensive, and you would usually not like to change them due to damage or blowout. But you can protect your tires and even increase their life by using trailer tire covers.

You might be thinking, ‘Why do I need trailer tire covers for my camper? Does having trailer tire covers make any difference?’ We have got the answers here.

The Benefits of Trailer Tire Covers

Just like other components of your RV. Your trailer tire covers are also an important part of the RV. Maintaining and protecting them a little could benefit you in a long run. If your RV sits in storage more than usual or is not on-road, then protecting them using trailer tire covers would be a better choice. Here are the benefits of using trailer tire covers:

Protection from UV rays

Over time, RV tires can get damaged due to the sun’s rays. The UV light from the sun can cause fine cracks in the sidewalls of the tire and can even cause tire failure. Trailer tire covers protect them from Sun rays.

Moisture and Dust

Trailer tire covers protect your RV tires from getting rusty due to moisture from snow and rain. They also protect wheels and rims from the dust that might get collected in them.

Why Do You Need RV Tire Covers?

Your requirement for RV tires depends on various reasons. If your RV is parked outside or an RV used for cargo purposes, then it is good to have trailer tire covers. If your RV is on the road most of the time, then it might not be a good investment.

What Kind Of Trailer Tire Covers You Should Look For?

A variety of trailer tire covers are available online as well as offline. A few RV tires are also universal fit depending on the diameter of your tires. Some RVers also prefer buying the trailer tire covers according to the exterior of their RV, like the graphics and color.

4 Best Trailer Tire Covers

Here are a few best RV tire covers available in the market.

1. Duck Tire Covers

These covers are able to fit multiple tires. But these are usually a perfect choice for smaller travel trailers and RVs. Duck wheel covers are generally able to fit the tires with a maximum width of 8.5’ and a diameter between 24”-27”.

The cover has a non-scratch backing and is made from waterproof material. You can also get a three-year warranty on the purchase of these covers.


  • Waterproof construction
  • Simple slip-on fit as it has elasticized back panel
  • To add security, it has eyelets


  • Complaints are that their grommets fall apart and they are cheaply made.
  • It is expensive than other competing trailer tire cover brands

2. Camco Tire Covers

Camco tire covers come with a buckle strap security mechanism so that the tires are safe from blowing away. They fit tires of a diameter between 30” to 32”.

If you are looking for cheaper and long-lasting trailer tire covers, then this one is a good option. It protects your tires from snow, rain, debris, dirt, etc.


  • The buckle and strap design helps in keeping the covers in place.
  • These are waterproof covers.
  • When they are not in use, they can be folded.


  • The elastic band at the cover’s band might lose its elasticity with time.
  • These covers come in two-pack only.

3. Kayme RV Tire Covers

These tire cover offers a four-layer construction. It is as follows: polyethylene > aluminum material > polyethylene > cotton. The covers fit extra-large tires. The diameter is between 33” to 35”.These covers are also able to fit multiple-size tires.

These covers are waterproof due to the polyethylene layer and are protected from sun damage due to the aluminum material. The cotton extends its service. These covers provide protection from dust, dirt, and rust.


  • Multiple protection
  • You can also use their storage bag when you are not using them
  • Covers are more secure due to the hook design


  • Hard installation due to the hook design
  • These wheel covers hardly stay in place.
  • According to some users, these RV tiar covers fail in blocking the sun rays because they are very thin.

4. Classic Accessories Dual Axle Wheel Cover

These covers protect and cover two tires. The cover fits dual-axle tires with the diameter between 30” to 33”. They are made with vinyl material which is waterproof. They have non-scratch material inside. This won’t damage your tires.


  • If your RV wheels are extra-large, then these trailer tire covers are perfect for them.
  • It is easy to clean and wipe because of the vinyl material on the exterior.
  • It has a three-year warranty


  • You need to purchase two of these covers to cover your RV wheels as it comes in a single pack.
  • Purchase does not include the rope.
  • According to some users, these trailer tire covers are very poor.

Protecting RV Tires From UV Damage

If your RV is in parking and exposed to the sun, then chances are that UV rays might cause cracking in the cosmetic surface of your RV tires. It is no fun to exchange your expensive RV tires because of the damage caused by UV rays. So, it’s better to take protective measures for your tires from overexposure to the sun, especially if parked outdoors. Here are some ways by which you can save your RV tires from sun damage:

Spraying Tires With 303

For protection from sun damage, you can spray your tires with 303 Aerospace Protectant. This spray can be used from surfaces made from rubber, vinyl, or plastic. It prevents the tires from cracking and fading due to the UV rays.

Storing RV in an RV carport

RV carport provides better protection to the RV from all types of weather conditions. Thus, it is better to keep your RV in an RV carport that is enclosed.


Trailer tire covers protect your RV from dust, moisture, debris, sun damage, etc. It might be better for you to buy trailer tire covers if your RV is mostly parked outside or it is a cargo trailer. There are different trailer tire covers available online as well as offline. Different trailer tire covers fit different tire sizes. Some of the best trailer tire covers available in the market are mentioned. You can check them and choose to buy the one suitable for you. You can also take some measures to protect your RV from sun damage and UV rays. Some of the measures are spraying your tires with 303 Aerospace Protectant and storing your RV in an RV carport.

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