The Cost of a Weekend RV Vacation

Weekend breaks are much needed after a busy working week. One likes to have a breath of fresh air and forget about the difficulties for a day or two. Having a weekend trip sounds like …

weekend RV vacation
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Weekend breaks are much needed after a busy working week. One likes to have a breath of fresh air and forget about the difficulties for a day or two. Having a weekend trip sounds like a very good option. But one thing that usually comes to our mind is the cost. We usually like to choose a pocket-friendly fun weekend trip over something that costs us a fortune.

An expensive stay including hotel room charges, eat-outs, and other travel expenses might turn your trip into a luxury one and stop you to plan a much-needed weekend getaway. If you choose an RV, then you might have a fun and cost-effective weekend trip.

If you are thinking about the price to rent an RV for a weekend, then we have given all the details related to the amount required to rent an RV for a weekend.

The Average Renting Price For A Weekend By RV Type

The price to rent an RV for a weekend depends on the type of RV you would like to rent. We are giving you a list of the types of RV with the average two-day weekend prices to rent them.

Type of RV

Average weekend price

Teardrop Campers

$100 to $150

Pop-up Campers

$120 to $200

Travel Trailers

$140 to $300

Fifth Wheel

$230 to $575

Class C

$250 to $400

Camper Vans – Class B

$310 to $460

Motorhome – Class A

$450 to $600

Factors Associated with Renting an RV For A Weekend

Other factors associated with the cost of renting an RV for a weekend are:

  • Campsite – This is one of the main factors when one thinks to rent an RV for a weekend. The rental fees of the campsite can vary from $15 to $100 for one night depending upon the location, type, and size of the campground. Some luxurious campgrounds with facilities like full hookups, showers, pools, etc might even cost you around $200 for a night. You need $40 to $60 in general for an average campsite.
  • Fuel Cost – It will be around 6 to 12 miles for one gallon if we talk about Class A and Class C RVs. Small driveable like Class B RVs take 15 to 20 miles per gallon. Planning to rent an RV for a weekend that is towable might not be a good option. Towing an RV from your tow vehicle to the camping sight can take 10 miles per gallon while the same tow vehicle generally takes 20 miles for one gallon. Some rental services like RVshare and Outdoorsy, deliver the RVs straight to your camping grounds which might save your fuel and mileage costs. However, keep an eye on the fee that they might ask for this service.
  • Fees of Admission – It depends on the place where the campsite is located. If it is a national or state park, then along with the fee of the camping ground, one also needs to pay the admission fee for the park. It ranges from $10 to $40 per vehicle and per person cost may range from $5 to $20.
  • Cost of Mileage – When you rent an RV, there are mileage costs associated with the rental agreement. Usually, three models are followed when it comes to mileage costs. Pay per mile, unlimited mileage, and the hybrid model. One can expect .17 to .35 cents per mile if it comes under pay per mile model. You can get a certain amount of miles for free if you are under the hybrid model. But, if it goes above the free amount, then you have to pay .25 to .35 cents per mile. For example – Getting 100 miles free of cost and paying .25 to .35 cents if going over it.

Places To Rent an RV For a Weekend At Affordable Prices

You can rent an RV for a weekend by simply connecting with the RV owners who want to rent their RVs. Another way is to use RV rental services like Outdoorsy and RVshare. These companies act as the bridge between the RV owner and the ones who want to rent the RV. Their RV inventories are large with different ranges and prices to offer. You might get a competitive advantage and rent an RV of your choice at a cheap rate if you look to rent an RV for a weekend from them.

We are sharing with you some of the RV rentals from where you can consider renting an RV:


  • Outdoorsy provides peer-to-peer rental services. This makes it simple for RV owners to make money from their RV as well as for the ones who are looking to rent an RV.
  • Known as the “Airbnb of RV rentals”.
  • Large options are available, ranging from motorhomes to tow-trailers to vintage RVs.
  • Protects both buyers and owners.
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Cruise America

  • Cruise America offers one-way rental services just like renting a car.
  • Renting process is traditional
  • Extra charges for the mileage
  • Separate rent for the essentials
  • 45 years of experience

Camper Travel

  • Camper Travel offers RV rental services even outside the U.S. This includes more than 45 cities in the U.S, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and South America.
  • It partners with other rental companies.
  • Friendly customer service


  • RVshare provides services that are somewhat similar to Outdoorsy but has a large share in this market.
  • Good insurance protection with a liability of over $1,000,000 and a $2,00,000 RV value
  • Reward programs


EL Monte RV

  • EL Monte RV is another traditional RV industry with an experience of over 50 years
  • One-way trip. No need to drop it back to the owner.
  • Pet-friendly rentals
  • Seasonal and special discounts


  • Rvezy is another one of the biggest peer-to-peer RV rental companies in North America.
  • Up to $1 million liability coverage in the U.S and $2 million in Canada
  • Mobile app
  • 24/7 roadside support

Cost To Rent An RV For A Weekend

Renting an RV for a weekend costs between $100 to $600 which depends on the type of RV you would like to rent. The campsite, fuel, mileage cost, and admission fee might also affect the amount of renting an RV for a weekend. You can rent an RV for a weekend at affordable prices from any of the RV rentals mentioned above.

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