The Top Amenities To Look For When Booking A Villa

With lodging, wouldn’t it be nice to get more than you asked for besides just the basic essentials when you’re on vacation?

There is always the option of purchasing special packages, gaining all-inclusive benefits, or taking advantage of the various items in a hotel room, however you’ll end up paying more as the “extras” aren’t complementary. That’s where amenities come in.

When renting a villa or vacation home, it’s the same thing. Spending a little more time researching your options before selecting a place to stay.

Conducting a side-by-side comparison has its benefits. Search your options before making a selection and find the best villa that offers you the most for a reasonable price.

Also, ensure the villa takes care of your basic needs. For instance, if you have children, make sure the vacation home accommodates them by providing extra rooms, cribs, or other necessities for your young ones.

Some of the top amenities to look for when booking a villa are;


Look for villas that have attractions, dining or other activities within walking distance. This will eliminate the need to pay for a cab or lease a vehicle. Also, if you book a villa that has attractions and activities within walking distance, you can enhance your vacation, getting more for your money.

Climate Compatible Amenities

Depending on the location and climate you wish to take a vacation in, look for villas that complement the area. For instance, if you book St. John vacation rentals in the U.S. Virgin Islands, ensure that the villa offers surfboards, boogie boards, paddle boards, or kayaks to use.


Just in case you experience inclement weather during your vacation, it’s nice to have some kind of entertainment available to you inside the villa. Whether that be a smart TV, cable or streaming services, a surround system, DVDs, gaming console, books, board games, or other entertaining activities, check what the villa provides internally before booking the home.

Emergency Related Amenities

In case of an emergency, you want to be prepared. Places to lodge takes care of their guests by giving them a place to stay, so why should t they take care of their guests in an event of an emergency? Ensure your villa has a first aid kit available.

Electrical Components

Some villas are up to date and offer sufficient electric outlets and adapters. To find out if a vacation rental offers electrical components that will work for your devices, search for villas that are built recently or that are newer.


Although this amenity isn’t tangible, you can tell when a villa or vacation rental makes you, as the guest, feel special and welcome.

One of the best ways to see if a vacation home excels at hospitality is by checking previous guests reviews. If other visitors are praising the vacation home or how they were given excellent service, book it.

Also, look at photos of the villa before booking. If you see little extras like a neatly made bed that seems more welcoming, bath towel folding techniques, complimentary shampoos, soaps, accessories, or care packages, then the owners or property management is going above and beyond expectations to please guests and make them feel welcome.

Spa Features

The whole point of vacation is to have the most relaxing experience money can buy. What if you can enjoy the perks of a spa without paying for it? These essential hot tub water care tips will ensure your spa stays clean and inviting.

Most villas offer state of the art bathrooms with additional features, such as hot tubs, private swimming pools, outdoor furniture in a tranquil setting, and bathtubs with Jacuzzi jets.

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