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Travel Chair

TravelChair is on the move and built to last.
Stylish chair designs and more eye-catching colors and fabrics, we are on our way to revitalizing the category we invented almost 25 years ago.

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Pretty. Tough.
TravelChairs may look sexier and more stylish than past models, but they're no less tough. Built with the same no-compromises attitude towards materials, design and construction, their beauty is more than skin deep.

TravelChairs are Strong
Heavy-duty materials are part of what makes TravelChairs so tough. Every component is specified to tolerances far beyond the needs of the average consumer. And we don't just stop with smart design and high quality materials. We have every design tested and rated by an independent lab.

  • Extra-heavy frame tubes flex less and bear heavier
  • High-quality nylon connector so much stronger than plastic
  • Strong and durable nylon and polyester fabrics are sun, stain and water resistant
  • Oversized rivets mean strong tube connections
  • Independent lab testing to verify strength and durability

    TravelChairs are Stable
    You know you're in a TravelChair as soon as you sit down. Strong materials and smart design mean a minimum of flex, sway and sagging. For the user, it means a more comfortable chair. For the retailer, it means fewer returns.

  • Frame configurations are computer-engineered to maximize load-bearing efficiency
  • Rigid components won't give under load
  • High-quality fabrics distribute weight evenly across the frame
  • Oversized, non-marring, anti-slip feet prevent chairs from sinking into sand and soft soil

    TravelChairs Last
    With less flexing and twisting, TravelChair components are under less stress than components on low-quality chairs. And with extra-beefy tubing, fabric and connectors, our components have more than enough strength to last for years. Our chairs not only feel tough, they are tough. We have a return rate of .02%.

  • Oversized rivets and drill-to-fit rivet holes mean there is no play at rivet connections
  • Durable polyester fabric won't fade or degrade in sunlight
  • Exterior-grade powder coating for rust resistance
  • Working Towards Sustainable Sourcing

    As we redesign our signature products and introduce new models, we are working towards minimizing our environmental impact. While we haven't yet found substitutes that meet our quality standards for all our materials, we're committed to greening all our products as quickly as possible.

    Materials Technology

    450D Ripstop Polyester --- This heavy duty, sun-resistant polyester is our first choice for strength, body and wrinkle resistance. A ripstop weave adds strength and prevents punctures from turning into tears.

    Nailhead 420D Polyester --- Softer and more flexible than the 450D Ripstop, our Nailhead fabric combines much of the strength and durability of the 450D with a smoother hand and suppleness better suited for the center seat and center back areas.

    420D Ballistic Nylon Mesh --- Only ballistic nylon provides adequate fiber strength and durability for an ultra-breathable, open-mesh chair fabric. We source this 420-weight fabric to combine the strength of a solid fabric with the lightweight ventilation of a mesh.

    600D Polyester Duck --- Built for seasons of abuse in lousy weather, this 600-denier polyester is our heaviest fabric. Its printability also makes it a great, long-lasting choice for camouflage applications.

    A lightweight synthetic with great strength, sun and mildew resistance. An open weave gives the fabric a supple hand and promotes ventilation, helping to keep the user cool on warm days. Its hydrophobic fibers won't absorb water so the fabric dries quickly. Available in solid colors and an attractive salt and pepper pattern.

    Foam Fabric --- Supportive and comfortable open-cell foam sandwiched between two layers of durable synthetic outer fabric. Used exclusively in our Lounge Lizard series.

    We overbuild. You will probably never notice things like bar tacking, doubling of fabrics and reinforcement fabrics made of seat belt material, but we will. The bottom line is that attention to detail makes good designs work best.

  • Travel Chair

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