What Is a 50 Amp Breaker Used For

Circuit breakers are electrical safety devices that guard against harm from excess current from an overload or a short circuit to an electrical circuit. A 50 Amp Breaker is an electric circuit device that can …

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Circuit breakers are electrical safety devices that guard against harm from excess current from an overload or a short circuit to an electrical circuit. A 50 Amp Breaker is an electric circuit device that can handle a current of up to 50 Amperes.

The maximum power that a circuit breaker can safely conduct is indicated by its amp rating. A breaker will turn off if it is overloaded to stop the passage of too much power. It is safe to conduct up to 50 amps of current through a 50-amp breaker. However, that doesn’t mean that it can continuously handle 50 amps of current. The amount of electricity flowing through a circuit is measured by its current.

A 50 amp circuit is excellent for heavier loads like air conditioners, electric stoves, electric water heaters, and other large devices. Here is a 50 amp breaker wiring diagram.

A 50 amp breaker can be used for various purposes depending upon the electrical application.

1. Residential Purposes

A 50 amp breaker would be used for appliances and devices requiring higher electric loads. These appliances are electric water heaters, central air conditioning units, electric ovens, backup generators, and electric stoves.

Residential Purposes

2. Industrial Purposes

Since industrial processes involve the use of heavy-duty machinery that requires higher power loads, a 50 amp breaker is perfect for this setting. Production lines, conveyor systems, individual machines, and production units are examples of where a 50 amp breaker can be used.

Industrial Purposes

3. RVs and Campers

For all the travel lovers out there, keep in mind that 50 amp breakers are used in RVs and Campers due to the amount of power load they require.

RVs and Campers

4. Infrastructural Purposes

Irrigation systems, street lights, electric vehicle charging pumps, parks, and hospitals require higher power loads to function. 50 amp breakers provide the required power and maintain the balance, ensuring the system does not overload.

Infrastructural Purposes

5. Recreational Purposes

It takes a lot of energy to power up malls, amusement parks, adrenaline rides, movie theaters, and sports complexes. 50 amp breakers are used in such establishments.

Recreational Purposes

6. Spas and Salons

Spas and salons consist of machines like hot tubs, jacuzzi, hair dryers, pumps, and steam chambers. Such appliances or fixtures require higher electric loads, which are provided by 50-amp breakers.

Spas and Salons

7.Health-providing centers

Health-providing centers like hospitals and nursing homes use 50 amp breakers for they have machines and systems like ventilators, X-ray machines, MRI systems, and more machines that need higher electric loads.

Health Providing Centers

8. Workshops and Garages

If you use power tools, welding equipment, or other heavy machinery in your workshop or garage, a 50-amp breaker may be used to supply the necessary power.

Workshops and GaragesInfrastructural Purposes

It’s important to remember that using a 50 Amp breaker must always adhere to the local electrical code and safety standards. It is better to consult a professional electrician if you have no experience with electrical work to ensure the breaker has been installed correctly for safety purposes. The applications mentioned above are only examples; the actual use of a 50-amp breaker would depend on the specifications of the electrical system.

Number of Outlets that Can Be Put in a 50 Amp Breaker

Even though a 50 amp breaker can manage a lot of power and is considered one of the biggest breakers, it has its limits. When power goes beyond its limits, there are chances of electrical malfunction, creating electric fires due to overloading.

Your breaker may overheat due to the power draw of several outlets. Remember the 80% limit rule to handle this issue. 40 amps is 80% of your 50 amp breaker’s rating.

How Many Watts Can a 50 Amp Breaker Handle?

Multiply the voltage source by the circuit breaker’s amperes to determine the watts. Let’s assume that the breaker is connected to a 240V circuit. Your circuit breaker will, therefore, have a 12,000-watt rating (240 x 50).

This explains why a 50 amp circuit breaker is ideal for heavy-duty equipment like heaters, pumps, medical equipment, industrial machines, and washers.

Correct Wire Size for 50 Amp Breaker

You should use 6 AWG copper wires and 4 AWG aluminum wires in the 50 Amp circuit breaker based on the maximum ampacity that is permitted for copper and aluminum wires. These are the suggested distances for runs of 100 feet or fewer, which is the typical distance for cables that power 50 Amp circuit breakers.


A 50 Amp breaker is a significant part of electrical safety equipment that stops power flow to protect circuits from overloads and short circuits that use too much current. The highest safe power load that it can handle is indicated by its amp rating, which can handle currents up to 50 Amperes.

A 50 Amp breaker can be used in a lot of places and loads of sectors, but it’s important to keep in mind that it must always be installed according to local electrical rules and safety laws.

For correct installation and safety assurance, you should consult a certified electrician, especially if you have no prior experience with electrical work.

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