What Size Generator Do I Need for A 30 Amp Rv?

Are you thinking about how to wire a 30 Amp RV plug? When it comes to using your RV and all its gadgets, having the right amount of power is super important. Just like how …

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Are you thinking about how to wire a 30 Amp RV plug? When it comes to using your RV and all its gadgets, having the right amount of power is super important. Just like how you need the right fuel for your car, your RV needs the right power source to run smoothly.

Think of it like this: you’re getting ready for a road trip in your comfy RV. So, if you’re wondering what size generator you need for wiring a 30 Amp RV plug, you’re asking the right question. Here, we’ll break down everything for you.

So, learn about this and make sure your RV’s got the power it needs for all your fun travels ahead.

1. Different RV Battery Types

Different RV Battery Types

RVs have two main kinds of batteries: regular ones and gel mat ones. Regular batteries are common and not too expensive, while the gel mat batteries last longer and need less taking care of. Both types keep electricity for your RV’s stuff. Regular batteries are like the ones in cars, and they work well, but you need to check on them more. When you’re picking the battery for your RV, think about how you’ll use it. Regular batteries are good if you drive a lot and can charge them often. You should use RV power adapters for better power coverage.

2. Keeping Cool: Air Conditioning

Keeping Cool Air Conditioning

RV air conditioning is really important when it’s super hot outside. It needs about 2,000 watts to start and then about 1,500 watts to keep going. But, when the AC is on, there’s not as much power left as for other things you use in your RV. So, you must balance how much power you use for AC and other stuff. It’s like sharing your toys with your friends, and if you give too many toys to one friend, you might not have enough left for your other friends to play with. So, use your AC, but remember to save some power for your other things too.

3. Electricity Usage of RV Things

Electricity Usage of RV Things

RV appliances use different amounts of power. Let’s talk about a few examples. A TV needs about as much power as a 100-watt light bulb. A microwave, which heats your food, uses about ten times more power than that; it’s like having ten light bulbs on at once. But don’t worry, LED lights don’t need much power at all. If you’re curious about the exact numbers for your RV’s appliances, take a look at the manual that came with your RV.

4. Power for RV Stuff: Wattage

Power for RV Stuff.jpg

Wattage is a way to measure how much power an appliance uses. To figure it out, you need to multiply two things. The voltage, which is like the appliance’s energy, and the current, which is how much electricity is flowing. Let’s say you have a 30-amp RV, and it’s plugged into a socket with 120 volts. When you multiply 30 amps by 120 volts, you get 3,600 watts. That’s the maximum power the RV can use from that socket. You should use a power cord to power the RV.

5. Charging Your RV Battery

Charging Your RV Battery

If your RV battery isn’t working, you can use a generator to make it work again. Just follow the safety rules and connect the generator correctly to prevent any problems. It’s important to be careful when you’re dealing with generators and batteries to stay safe and keep things working well. A generator is like a machine that makes electricity. When your RV battery has no power left, the generator can give it more power. Get a 30 Amp circuit breaker for the motor, which will be very beneficial.

6. How Fast Electricity Moves: Current

Charging Your RV Battery

Right now, electricity moves at a certain speed. When you have a 30-amp RV connection, it means 30 amps of electricity can move through it. Just like water can flow faster or slower in a pipe, electricity can move faster or slower, too. It’s like a measure of how much power can go through it, just like how you measure how much water can go through a pipe.

7. Electricity in an RV: Voltage

Electricity in an RV

Electricity works because of something called voltage. It’s like the power that makes electricity move. Think of a 12V battery as a tiny energy source for things like lights and water pumps. But if you want to run big stuff like fridges, you need more power. Voltage is what pushes electricity, and it’s important to have the right amount of power for different stuff.


Now we know figuring out the right generator size for your 30 Amp RV is not that hard. You need to make sure the generator can handle the power your RV needs without tripping or getting tired. You should look for a generator that can give you at least 30 apples every hour, or in our world, 3,600 watts.

Smaller generators can be quieter and lighter, but they might not have enough apples to satisfy the hungry RV giant. So, when you go generator shopping for your 30 Amp RV, remember to choose the best.

That way, you’ll have a tough RV giant working on electricity all day long.

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