Who Owns Good Sam Enterprises?

Do you know about Good Sam? It’s a company that helps with lots of things, a bit like AAA. You might wonder, Who runs Good Sam Enterprises? It’s a good question, and we’ll find the …

Find the faces behind Good Sam Enterprises. Knowing the ideas on the ownership, including Good Sam vs AAA. Get into the outdoor adventures and travelers!
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Do you know about Good Sam? It’s a company that helps with lots of things, a bit like AAA. You might wonder, Who runs Good Sam Enterprises? It’s a good question, and we’ll find the answer together. We’ll also talk about Good Sam vs AAA.

Good Sam is a place that offers help for different stuff, like vehicles and fun outdoor activities. Just like AAA, they want to make things easier for you. By the end, you’ll know more about Good Sam and who’s behind it, and you’ll see how it’s a bit like AAA in some ways.

Let’s look into and learn together about Good Sam Enterprises and its story.

1. The Main Field: Publishing


Good Sam Enterprises might not have super special abilities, but it sure does something really important in the world of making and sharing stuff to read. They create all sorts of cool things like books, magazines, and other writing that people find super interesting. Imagine it when you share your favorite stories with a bunch of your pals, and that makes everyone feel close and connected because of how awesome words can be. They help make sure everyone gets to enjoy exciting stories and learn new things. You should read a beginner business book if you want.

2. Main Office

Main Office

It is like a huge house, but instead of a house, it’s a place for a company. This special place is called the main office. Good Sam, a company, has their main office in a pretty spot called Englewood, CO. This office is like the center of everything they do. It’s where they plan and get things ready to help people who want advice about RVs and other cool things. Then they make it happen. They want to give support and things that can help people have a good time with their recreational vehicles.

3. Past Support: Backed by PE

Backed by PE .jpg

Think about a reliable friend who helps when things are tough. Well, that’s what happened to Good Sam. They got help from a group called “PE,” which means Private Equity. These helpful friends from Private Equity wanted to strengthen Good Sam and help them do more good things. It’s like when friends stick together to help each other out. Good Sam and Private Equity worked together to make Good Sam grow and do better things. It’s pretty cool how they helped each other like that.

4. Owners


Just like a car has an owner, businesses like Good Sam Enterprises also have owners. But it’s not a big group of owners. It’s a special group of people who are all working together to make the company successful. But Marcus Lemonis is the main boss. He’s like the leader of the club. He wanted to make it easier for all of us to have great trips and enjoy nature. These owners make sure the company runs smoothly and follows its own rules. They’re like a team, all steering the company in the right direction.

5. Also in Cars and Info Services

Also in Cars and Info Services

However, Good Sam isn’t confined to a singular focus. Their interests span beyond a solitary niche. They have a presence in the automotive industry and extend their reach by providing informative services. This broadening of horizons signifies their dedication to assisting individuals enamored with outdoor exploration, particularly those who find solace in the company of recreational vehicles. Get camping gear for yourself if you are planning to go camping.

6. Their Past: Once Affinity Group


In the past, the company went by the name Affinity Group. It’s kind of like how a person might have a different name when they’re a kid, but then they choose a new name when they’re older and more grown-up. This change is all about showing how the company is getting bigger and better, just like when someone grows up and becomes more mature. Just like you do as you grow up and become more of who you’re meant to be.

7. From Vehicle Insurance to Rewards

From Vehicle Insurance to Rewards

The Good Sam Enterprises are in many fields. They have a bunch of stuff to offer. Some of the things they have help keep your vehicles safe, like insurance for your recreational vehicles. They also have special rewards that make you happy. It’s like they have a big collection of things that can help you when you like being outside. It’s one of the best places for helpful things. They know a lot about outdoor trips and can give you good advice. Good Sam is helpful to people in not only one but many ways. Get an RV beginner book for yourself if you have just started with RVs.


So, now you know who owns Good Sam Enterprises. The people who started Camping World, Marcus Lemonis and his team, also own Good Sam. They wanted to make a club that helps people who love camping and traveling. Remember, Marcus Lemonis knows a lot about business and camping, so he put those things together to create Good Sam.

They want everyone to have awesome outdoor experiences and enjoy their time on the road. It’s like they’re all working together to make sure we have the best adventures possible. And now you’re part of the club, too, because you know who’s behind it all.

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