Will an Andersen Hitch Work in A 5’7″ Bed

When it comes to hauling trailers, the right hitch can make all the difference. One hitch that is gaining popularity among truck owners is the Andersen Hitch. This innovative hitch is known for its easy …

Will an Andersen Hitch Work in A 5'7" Bed
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When it comes to hauling trailers, the right hitch can make all the difference. One hitch that is gaining popularity among truck owners is the Andersen Hitch. This innovative hitch is known for its easy installation and secure towing capabilities. It features a unique ball and coupler design, allowing smooth and stable towing, even on rough terrain. It also offers adjustable height and weight distribution, ensuring a safe and comfortable towing experience.

With its impressive features and increasing popularity, it’s no wonder why truck owners are choosing the Andersen Hitch for their hauling needs.

Will an Andersen Hitch Work in a 5’7″ Bed?

Will an Andersen Hitch Work in a 5'7 Bed

1. Designed to Fit Short-Bed Trucks

Its unique design allows for a 90-degree turning radius, providing ample clearance between the cab and the trailer. This means that truck owners with a 5’7″ bed can confidently use the Andersen Hitch without worrying about any compatibility issues. Additionally, the Andersen Hitch offers various benefits, such as easy installation, smooth towing experience, and improved stability, making it an excellent choice for both experienced and inexperienced truck owners looking for a reliable hitch option.

2. Compact Design

This means that truck owners can easily maneuver their vehicles in crowded parking lots or narrow streets without worrying about damaging their hitch or the surrounding structures. The compact design also makes it easier to store the hitch when not in use, saving valuable space in the truck bed. Overall, the Andersen Hitch provides truck owners with a versatile and convenient towing solution that enhances their overall towing experience.

3. Ensures Smoother Towing

This swivel feature allows for better maneuverability, especially in tight corners or backing up. The independent movement of the trailer also helps to reduce the chance of jackknifing, providing added safety and peace of mind for the driver. Additionally, the swivel feature makes it easier to unhitch the trailer, as the truck and trailer can be at different angles without putting strain on the hitch. Overall, the swivel feature of the Andersen Hitch greatly improves the towing experience for truck owners.

4. Highly adjustable Hitch

This versatility is highly beneficial as it eliminates the need for truck owners to purchase a specific hitch for each truck they own. The adjustable feature also ensures a secure and stable connection between the car and trailer, reducing the risk of accidents or damage to either vehicle. With the ability to accommodate different bed sizes, the Andersen Hitch truly caters to the needs of all truck owners, making it a highly sought-after product in the towing industry.

Benefits of Using the Andersen Hitch

Benefits of Using the Andersen Hitch

  • Improved safety: The Andersen Hitch’s unique design reduces the risk of trailer sway, providing better stability and control during towing.
  • Easy installation: The hitch is designed for easy use and quick installation, allowing truck owners to save time and effort.
  • Versatility: The adjustable height and weight distribution capability of the Andersen Hitch makes it suitable for hauling different types of trailers.
  • Durability: The hitch is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and withstanding heavy loads.
  • Compatibility: The Andersen Hitch is compatible with standard 2″ trailer receivers, making it a versatile option for various truck models.

Understanding the Potential Failures of the Andersen Hitch

Understanding the Potential Failures of the Andersen Hitch

1. Bed Clearance Issues

The Andersen Hitch, although marketed as compatible with a 5’7″ bed, has been reported to have bed clearance issues. Due to its design, it may not allow enough space for proper maneuverability, especially in tight turns or when backing up.

2. Limited Weight Capacity

Some users have experienced Andersen Hitch failures when hauling heavy loads with the Andersen Hitch in a 5’7″ bed. The hitch may not distribute weight effectively, leading to imbalanced towing and potential safety hazards.

3. Lack of Stability

The compact design of the Andersen Hitch may compromise stability when towing large trailers in a 5’7″ bed. This can result in trailer sway, making it challenging to maintain control while on the road.

Considerations Before Choosing the Andersen Hitch

Considerations Before Choosing the Andersen Hitch

1. Evaluate Towing Needs

Assess the type and weight of trailers you plan to tow. If you frequently haul heavy loads, it may be wise to consider a hitch with a higher weight capacity and better weight distribution capabilities.

2. Measure Bed Clearance

Before purchasing an Andersen Hitch, measure the bed clearance in your 5’7″ truck bed. Ensure there is enough space to accommodate the hitch and allow for a proper turning radius without any obstructions.
Exploring Alternatives

3. Longer Bed Hitches

Consider opting for a longer bed hitch to avoid potential issues with clearance and stability. A longer bed hitch will provide more room for maneuverability and distribute weight more effectively.

4. Custom Hitch Fabrication

If you are concerned about the limitations of the Andersen Hitch, consider consulting with a professional for custom hitch fabrication tailored to your specific truck bed size and towing needs.


In conclusion, the Andersen Hitch is an excellent choice for truck owners with a 5’7″ bed. Its compatibility, safety features, easy installation, versatility, and durability make it a reliable option for towing trailers. Whether planning a weekend camping trip or needing heavy equipment, this hitch covers you. So go ahead and invest in the Andersen Hitch, and enjoy a smoother towing experience!

Overall, the compatibility of the Andersen Hitch with a 5’7″ bed ensures that truck owners with this bed size can benefit from its outstanding features. Don’t let the size of your truck bed limit your towing capabilities – choose the Andersen Hitch and hit the road with confidence.

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