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Zodi Extreme SC w/Stove, Soft Case

Zodi Extreme SC w/Stove, Soft Case

Zodi Extreme SC w/Stove, Soft Case

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Zodi Extreme SC w/Stove, Soft Case
8170Retail: $179.95Sale price: $161.95
The features of the Zodi Extreme SC w/Stove, Soft Case are:

Featuring stainless steel construction for extra durability and hand pump operations for self-contained use, the Zodi Extreme has been the #1 hot shower of choice for back country use for years. The 10,000 BTU steel stove completes the 8170 as a truly self-contained hot shower. Includes water temperature indicator and showerhead with on/off control for extra convenience. Use it to get showered after a long day out in muddy waters. The temperature indicator quickly adjusts water to desired temperature and water is then pumped out.

  • Heats to over 100 F in about 5 minutes
  • Handy thermometer displays water temperature
  • It is not suggested to take any of the Zodi products over 103 degrees. Most people prefer to bath with water slightly over body temperature of 98 degrees.
  • The Extreme holds 3 gallons of water.
  • Sealed 1 piece hand pump pressurizes system without batteries
  • Pump about 15 pumps and it should last the entire shower
  • 6 foot shower hose with on/off control showerhead for extra convenience
  • No need to hoist, sealed hand pump pressures system in seconds
  • Longer hand pump for easier and maximized tank pressure
  • Completely self contained! Enjoy hot showers anytime, anywhere
  • Sets up in under 1 minute
  • Simple to use just fill with water and place on rugged stove
  • High quality stainless steel construction will never rust
  • Simply fill with water and place on included stove
  • Multi-use 10,000 BTU heater and cooking stove collapses for transport
  • Stainless steel burner construction for extra durability
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • 36'' Tall with legs, 23'' without legs
  • 8'' diameter tank
  • Brass on/off valve controls water-flow
  • Durable functional zippered padded storage bag has a carrying strap
  • More durable, kink-resistant hose
  • More precise temperature strip

    Click here for the Zodi Extreme Shower Instructions.

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