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What is camping anyway? Traditionally, it is a place where tents, huts, or other temporary shelters are set up, as by soldiers, nomads, or travelers. Did you know that the Bible even indicates that Abraham and Sarah camped. Normally we don't think of it like that, but that's true. So, basically camping is people using shelters outdoors.

Of course, you could camp in a more permanent building such as a cabin or shelter which is sometimes the way we camp today. Setting up camp could even be preparing your outdoor site with a tent and campfire at a campground.

Now in modern times, camping is considered an outdoor recreational activity, where campers get away from civilization and enjoy nature by spending a few nights at a campsite. There are even many people that enjoy using a recreational vehicles (RV) to get the most comfortable form of camping.

Camping Fun & Easy

A camping book offering experiences, how to's, recipes, lists for camping needs, camping songs and tips and tricks. This is one woman's experience. Check it out; learn how to make your camping experiences... YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!

Camping Tent Tips

A tent can be your best friend. Choose it carefully and care for it properly. Then it will always be reliable when you need it most.

TheCampingGuy | Family Camping Tips

Tips and techniques for family and first-time campers so they can have fun and successful campouts!

Woodall's is you're resource for everything camping & rving - Search engines for locating campgrounds, tenting sites, RV dealers and service shops. Great camping articles, FAQ's, online bookstore and camping forum.

Camping Resource Directory

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