How To Cash a Stimulus Check Without an ID Or a Bank Account

Stimulus checks are those paid to individuals by the Government at times of economic crisis. You can receive paper checks and direct deposit them in banks. The aim of giving such checks is to boost …

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Stimulus Check

Stimulus checks are those paid to individuals by the Government at times of economic crisis. You can receive paper checks and direct deposit them in banks. The aim of giving such checks is to boost the economy. These checks are meant to boost the economy’s consumer confidence and increase sales to retailers.

Everybody is not entitled to a stimulus check; only the person who is independent and yet not earning well and not dependent on anybody else’s tax returns could be considered entitled to a stimulus check.

Did you ever come across a situation where you have lost your government-accredited ID, or maybe you don’t have any Id? You can still cash the stimulus check. If you are thinking about ‘where can I cash my stimulus check without an ID’, this article could be the best answer.

There Can Be Some Situations and Solutions Like:

  1. Signing your stimulus check to someone you trust: Various institutions might allow your trusted friends or a family member to cash the stimulus check in case you can endorse it correctly to their names. There are various financial institutes like credit unions, banks, and check cashing services across the country. Some financial institutions that might aid in cashing your third-party stimulus are- Bank of America, Citibank, HSBC, M&T, Chase, and Chartway Federal Credit Union.
  2. Use your bank’s ATM check cashing facility in case they can do such things: You will have to find out certain ATMs where you can deposit money during non-banking hours. If you are in a different neighborhood or town, you can still deposit checks in the ATM. Before you come and deposit the check in the ATM, you will have to come prepared with certain things in hand. Your debit card, PIN and signed check, and filled-in form must be there. Some popular bank accounts that allow encashing check are- Citibank, PNC, Wells Fargo, Capital One, Bank of America, and Chase. You must abide specific steps that are explained:

You must sign in your name at the backside of the check and write ‘For deposit only into bank account number followed by the account number, and then place your signature.

  • You must input your ATM pin.
  • The deposit amount you enter at the check is the same as that on the check.
  • You can draw your cash or wait for the allocated clearance timing.
  • Keep your transaction receipt in a safe place. Try avoiding technical errors as much as possible.

In case you don’t have a proper ID, state-provided, you can provide the following ID’s that hold weight:

  • School photo ID Driver’s license/ learner’s permit photo
  • Military photo ID
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • You can even show some of the secondary forms of identification:
  • Alien registration photo card
  • Birth certificate
  • Employment authorization photo ID
  • Employment photo ID
  • Foreign driver’s license photo ID
  • Firearms permit photo ID
  • Permanent resident photo ID
  • Welfare photo ID

You can work with a combination of employment ID with a birth certificate.

Where Can You Cash Personal Checks Without an Account?

man writing cheque

Sometimes you must encash a stimulus cheque without even a bank account. Here is a combination of situations where you can make it possible. If you are checking ‘where I can cash my stimulus check without ID’ then these might be the required answers.

  • The Issuing Bank: Check the name of the bank that is issuing you the check. You can get a combination of IDs like a primary and a secondary one to prove your identity. As you are not banking at this bank or maybe don’t have a bank account, you will be paid the entire amount written on the check. Take care, as you must carry the cash back home, and there should not be any case of insecurity.
  • Local Grocery Store: Some local grocery stores would help you get the cash, and that could be the best solution when you don’t possess a bank account or even maybe an ID. The financial services desk would help you, and you don’t need to run to the bank.
  • Payday Lender: You can go to any check cashing counter, and they will do the work for you without many questions asked or hardly any ID in requirement. They happen to be the most expensive. They are effective in encashing their check-cashing facility.
  • Mobile Check Cashing Apps: You can approach the Google Pay or Apple App store with your check to encash the same. You can compare their transaction amount and processing fees. They can be linked to your bank account, prepaid card, debit card, and Paypal account. They will scan the check once and encash it. The transaction can be done in a few hours or even a few days.
  • Best Mobile Check Deposit App: While you are writing check, the best mobile check deposit app can be Ingo. They can assist you with no ID check encashing anywhere and anytime. The app is effective not only in encashing checks but also money orders. They accept anything like personal checks, payroll checks, business checks and federal government checks. Some alternative check deposit apps that you might consider are- ACE Mobile Loads, Boost Mobile Wallet, check cashing store, and Lodefast check cashing app.
  • Paypal: You can take your check to Paypal and then encash it. Paypal just checks the authenticity of the check and then you can get the amount encashed in just a few days. If you can wait for ten days, then your check will get encashed without a single charge.
  • Seven Eleven: This company has a debit card program, and you can produce your check so that it could be encashed within a few days. There might be some undisclosed fees attached to it.

Why Don’t People Get Their IDs Done?

Many people don’t have their IDs in place. The most popular form of ID is a driving license. According to a study, the reasons for not having a proper ID and a driving license could be the following:

  • Elderly people: Elderly people do not like driving. They don’t feel the necessity of getting a license photo ID done.
  • Living in big cities: In case you are living in a big city, there is not much requirement for a car. You can avail of public transport and rented cars.
  • Unaffordability: A larger section of people can’t afford a car as they are tied up with other expenses. They prefer ridesharing and biking.
  • Time constraints: There is a huge chunk of young people who don’t get enough time to go and get a driver’s license done as they are too tied up with life and other challenges.
  • Convenience: Maintaining a car could be a troublesome affair. It’s hectic and truly not convenient. If you are driving a car that’s much more expensive, you will drop the idea and use public transport instead. A car owner has his challenges.
  • Facilitation: Earlier, when you had to drive to get anything urgent, groceries or anything else. But, nowadays, there is home delivery facilities, and people can order online.

Therefore, people are not bothered about getting their driving license done, which is the main form of photo identity. These are mainly how you can encash a stimulus checks without having a proper ID or bank account. Although you can encash a check without having a proper ID or a bank account, but it’s advisable to have one, as there can be fraud issues.

  • Anybody can pick up the check and write his name and can encash the money.
  • In case you are issuing the check to a friend without having much trust, he can take advantage of the situation.
  • Once the bank account is indicated, it falls under tax jurisdiction.

If you live in any country, say the US, your passport and any other identity card will have a photo as these are used as photo identity.

Although there are several ways of encashing a check without a proper ID or bank account, it’s always advisable that you have one for proper documentation.

All the ways discussed are great when you search for ‘where can I cash my stimulus check without an ID’.

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