Kelly Blue Book Rules: Deal with Your Vehicle the Right Way

Life could be exciting with an RV at your doorstep, especially when the summer has set in. Well, you might be looking for a better model at a cheaper price and so on, but don’t …

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Kelly blue book official guide

Life could be exciting with an RV at your doorstep, especially when the summer has set in. Well, you might be looking for a better model at a cheaper price and so on, but don’t know exactly where to get it from, right? in that case referring the Kelly Blue Book could be your best solution. Not that you can get every solution at your fingertips, yet this could be your bible while buying and selling car.

Apart from the Kelly Blue Book, you have other references too from where you can get a perfect idea of how and when to sell off your vehicle. Well today we are going to discuss the rules that govern the buying and selling of RV and other vehicles, of course.

What are the Factors That Determine the Price of a Motorhome?

RV for sale

  • Mass-produced or custom-built: The most crucial factor about an RV is if that was produced as a mass or custom-built one. Auto companies incur a low cost of manufacturing when they mass -produce the vehicles.The most important essential part is the chassis and motor manufacturers buy them in bulk. Anyways, a customized motorhome would be costlier.
  • Layout: The manufacturers use a standardized layout, and this reduces operational efficiencies. The reduction in labor costs affects the cost of the vehicles. Economies of scale apply to other components like fridges, heating, and furniture.
  • Warranties: A motorhome comes with a cost. There is a cost of manufacturing and of course when its customized it would have some special features as well. Since the parts used are expensive, a repair would also be costly. The best solution would be to buy a warranty. Any normal RV warranty comes with a warranty of say, 8 to 10 years. Because of this warranty, the cost of motorhomes is significantly higher. Used motorhomes also come along with a warranty and could be considerably higher by price.
  • Customization: whenever a customer wants customization, the bespoke manufacturers would add several thousand dollars to give shape to those specifications. Few manufacturers offer a scaled-back level of customization. They add a different degree to the components, like upholstery, furniture, appliances, and lighting.
  • Age of the motorhome: While first-hand, motorhomes would be costlier as everything is brand new, including the components. They come with the latest technology and would be pricier compared to the homes that are already used. New motorhomes come with the best of all the components.
  • Mileage: A motorhome generally has a greater mileage than normal vehicles. So, whenever a motorhome is in the state of being sold, then the mileage is usually low. Even when the mileage is lower, the motorhome could be sold reasonably. Irrespective of whether the vehicle is new or used, get it at a price worth buying.
  • Chassis: The cost of the motorhome requires a base vehicle; an upgraded one will have a significant one in the final price. In case the motorhome is built in a lighter chassis, the cost would be much lesser. The weight of a motorhome determines if it can be given a certificate of fitness or not.
  • Engine: The engine has a significant impact on the cost of the motorhome. Another impact on the motorhome is the engine, whether it’s an automatic one or a manual one. The trade-off for the resale value and performance of the motorhome should be considered.
  • Craftsmanship: The craftsmanship of the motorhome is an essential deciding factor again. A bespoke RV would be a bit costlier since that would involve expensive labor charges. Anyways, all these unique features would add up to the cost of a motorhome, even if it’s not sold as a first-hand one.

Follow These Pricing Guidelines When You Are Selling Off Your Vehicle

You can get a vivid idea about vehicle selling off once you have listed your RV in the Kelly Blue Book. Apart from getting an idea about the pricing, you will have to abide by specific rules that can be a guideline for the dealers. In case of mispricing, Kelly Blue Book has the right to take the listing off.

  1. You can advertise only a single vehicle at the time of listing.
  2. The vehicle must be identified by the year of make, model, trim, equipment, VIN, and stock number.
  3. The mileage of the vehicle must be included and must be accurate.
  4. The dealer would have possession of the vehicle.
  5. Dealer should have the right to sell and transfer the title in case of the vehicle.
  6. After being sold, the vehicle name and number must be removed from the listing.

Some Rules Regarding the Advertised Prices:

  1. The prices should be available to most of the shoppers.
  2. You should not put any qualification for the received price.
  3. You cannot pose any finance of any amount from any party to receive a price.
  4. The price should be available regardless of any payment method.
  5. You cannot allow a trade-in to receive a price.
  6. There mustn’t be any down payment or trade-in equity.
  7. The reduction in price or rebate must be offered irrespective of any condition, eligibility, or requirement.
  8. The rebates, incentives, and offers may be combined with conditions like – (i) available to shoppers and (ii) allowed by any applicable state laws.
  9. You may include the tax, license, and disclaimer in the included price.
  10. The charges installed by the dealer must be included in the price.

The Kelly Blue book can audit all the prices and even compare the prices with other sites available. The dealers must comply with federal state, local laws, regulations, and rules. The book authority will provide notice to the dealers and allow them an opportunity to correct the advertised prices if any corrections are applied.

How Will You Determine the Fair Market Value Of an RV?

Determining Fair Market Value Of an RV

If you have already determined the general price range of an RV, then it is high time for you to compare it against some standards digging into the current pricing and values.

  1. Comparing Dealership Websites: Before determining the price of your old RV, you can compare the prices of new RV from the dealership sites. In case your vehicle is several years older, you cannot even think of charging a fee somewhere near to that of the new one.
  2. Comparing RV Classifieds: The best way to compare and determine the prices of vehicles is to compare the pricing strategy. You can have a look at the RVs in your area. The price is determined by the rig it is present. The distance of the RV from the busy locality and the amount of fuel gas it requires to run is a significant determinant in the pricing factor.
  3. Asking Your Bank Pricing Strategy: If you are thinking of financing your RV purchase, then checking with your bank is essential. Banks might have a set of rules for financing any used RV. Finding out terms and conditions from the bank will help you save time and some possible headaches in determining the price of a used RV.

How Much Can Be the Depreciation Value Of RV?

Like the price of cars, the value of an RV would also decrease naturally.  While there is no logic to determine the depreciation value, it is seen that after a year or so, the cost depreciates by 20%. With another five years passing down the line, the cost of the RV decreases by another 35%. The depreciation depends on the rig and many other factors, like the car’s condition.

What Are the Steps to Sell Your RV?

In case you are determined to sell your RV, then you can check the steps for determining the price.

  • Pricing your RV: You must determine the right pricing strategy for your RV. This can be done by consulting with experts, comparing websites, or even the bank.
  • Deciding where and how to sell the RV: You may sell your RV privately, to trade, or maybe through a dealership. Whatever, selling online would assure a vast audience of your product.
  • Choosing the right time of the year for selling: The beginning of the year and the onset of spring are the best times you can sell your RV. People have time to see the advertisements and can compare the price.
  • Dealing with any issues: Keep your rig in good condition, and your RV will undergo a thorough inspection. You will have to correct any problems that are pulling down the price of your RV.
  • Write advertisement using pictures: While you are putting an advertisement of your RV on any website, you can share photos from different angles and must attach an avid description.
  • Getting the paper works done: Make sure that before you put your RV on sale, you are getting any repairs in place and gather all such documents for the potential buyers.

Selling off your RV or any other type of vehicle is a tactful issue and can be handled with utmost care and proficiency. The Kelly Blue book will be helpful, but you can consider other methods, too, for a better and quicker sell-off. Think about the pros and cons of selling the RV through any channel. Refer to the Bible of selling your vehicle but consider the various pros and cons of it. Life could be exciting for a travel freak and especially for an RV lover, so make the best decision.

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