How Wide is a Parking Spot

Guess the two best aspects of the best recreational vehicles or RVs. Well, you must be wondering about features like the storage space, floor plan, fuel economy, etc. But let us tell you, the answer …

How Wide Is a Parking Spot
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Guess the two best aspects of the best recreational vehicles or RVs. Well, you must be wondering about features like the storage space, floor plan, fuel economy, etc. But let us tell you, the answer is pretty simple. It’s the length and the width. Easy right?

How great an RV would be depends largely on its built size. Not just in terms of liveability and storage or moving space but also while driving the RV around or even parking it, factors like the length and width of the RV play a significant role. To be clear, RVs can be as long as 45 ft(excluding the towing vehicle) and as wide as 20 ft.

But when it comes to parking the recreational vehicle, the width is the major factor that can impact your decision to buy a certain type of recreational vehicle.

RV Parking Spot Dimensions

First of all, let us see what is the parking spot size of a general vehicle that is not an RV. So, on average, the parking spots range from 300-350 sq. ft. per vehicle, which means approximately 8.5 ft wide and 18 ft long. Usually, parking lots have spaces with angles ranging from 30° to 90° for turning the vehicle around. This is done to ensure that all the vehicles have an easy entry and exit into the parking lot.

RV Parking Spot Dimensions

Now, as mentioned above, on average, a recreational vehicle is 45 ft. long and 20 ft. wide, so the regular parking space of 8.5 ft x 18 ft. would not suffice. Therefore, standard regulatory authorities have determined a particular dimension for special vehicles like an RV.

The average range of an RV parking spot width is from 15 to 25 ft, with the smaller spots dedicated for smaller RVs i.e. Class B and Class C RVs, and more than 20 ft wide spots for recreational vehicles of Class A category. These dimensions are specifically for longer stays. But what about the short overnight stays? Well, in that case, there are certain halt stops or travel centers that offer a parking space of 14 to 18 feet wide to RVs.

How Does Choosing the Right RV Parking Spot Matter?

There are several reasons why opting for a perfect recreational vehicle (RV) parking spot with accurate width is crucial. Such as having enough width ensures the maneuverability of the RV is precise and hassle-free.

Similarly, it ensures your neighborly relations are well maintained. After all, no one likes a neighbor who ruins the trees on the porch while moving their RV out. Oh, and not to forget accessibility and peace of mind.

Having a parking spot with ample width ensures that you don’t get locked in or out of your recreational vehicle after parking. Thus, there is better accessibility and no senseless worrying. Even the maintenance, cleaning, loading, and unloading of the luggage, furniture, etc., in the RV becomes easily possible with a wide parking spot.

Tips & Tricks to Find the Right RV Spot

  • Keep the measurements of your RV handy to avoid any confusion while parking.
  • Check the local regulations of the region you are looking to stay at.
  • Plan your route and research the RV parking spaces en route. Review them before finalizing your spot. As in many cases, the parking lot owners agree to give you larger spots but then falter on their words instead of extra money or even lie to get your booking.
  • Call and reserve ahead of your arrival to make sure even if you are running late, your spot is still waiting for you. Also, it ensures that you will (try to) stick to your schedule
  • Consider the awnings while measuring your RV for length and width. Most of the time, the RV owners make the mistake of only measuring the core RV dimensions or the ones from inside, while actually what creates the trouble are the slide-outs.
  • Focus on security. This is one of the most important points. Considering when you are searching for a spot for your RV, it’s actually a space to set up your mobile home, which is nevertheless a home. So, make sure the parking spot has proper safety and security measures.


Now that you know all about the desired RV width as per the parking spot availability. We certainly won’t recommend cutting short your desire to own large, luxurious RVs, but it’s always better to do your homework before hitting the road.

So that you don’t fall into the worry trap while on your recreational trip. Make sure to plan your route and itinerary, and reserve your spots in the nearest available parking stations.

So whether you are a camping enthusiast, a weekend getaway kind of person, or someone who lives in an RV, you deserve that parking space all to yourself.

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