Who Are Good Sam Competitors?

Do you want to know about some Good Sam Competitors? So, you are in the right place. Well, Good Sam is known for providing top-notch services to the recreational vehicle (RV) community, but it’s always …

Who Are Good Sam Competitors?
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Do you want to know about some Good Sam Competitors? So, you are in the right place. Well, Good Sam is known for providing top-notch services to the recreational vehicle (RV) community, but it’s always a good idea to find the market and look for alternatives. Here, we’ll see some Good Sam competitors and shed light on the companies that offer similar services to RV enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking for a change or want to compare options, we’ve got you covered. We will give some important details about other competitors which can make it easy to choose.

Now, without wasting some time, let’s find the best one for you.



AAA RV is a division of the renowned American Automobile Association (AAA), offering comprehensive services for RV owners. AAA RV provides emergency roadside assistance made specifically for the needs of RV users. AAA RV offers many benefits, such as tire service, battery boost, and towing services that can rescue you when you’re on the road. With a vast network of reliable service providers, AAA RV ensures help is just a phone call away, giving RV enthusiasts peace of mind during their travels. That’s why it can be the best option considering Sam Good vs AAA.

Services Offered by AAA RV

  1. Trip coverage for unexpected setbacks.
  2. Exclusive discounts and savings on fuel and attractions.
  3. It protects your investment and offers comprehensive coverage.
  4. Convenient online trip planning tools and resources to help you map.

2. Escapees Inc

Escapees Inc

Escapees Inc. is an awesome competitor in the RV market. With a strong focus on community-building, Escapees provides a range of services that give you the unique needs of RVers. Their extensive network of RV parks and campgrounds ensures that members have access to comfortable and convenient accommodations wherever they go. Additionally, Escapees offers educational resources, an active online forum, and valuable discounts on various RV-related products and services. This all-around approach sets them apart from the competition.

Services Offered by Escapees Inc

  1. Large network of RV parks and campgrounds.
  2. Educational resources and learning opportunities.
  3. Active online community and forum.
  4. Discounts on RV-related products and services.
  5. Sub-bullet point highlighting popular discounts.

3. Crain Communications Inc

Crain Communications Inc

Crain Communications Inc. is another major player in the RV market that should be considered when looking for alternatives to Good Sam. Known for its industry-leading publications like RVBusiness, Crain Communications Inc. offers valuable insights and news updates for RV enthusiasts. Their deep analysis and reporting provide RVers with the latest trends, technological advancements, and helpful tips to improve their RVing experience. Crain Communications Inc. understands the importance of staying informed in a fast-developing industry.

Services Offered by Crain Communications Inc

  1. RV industry publications.
  2. Sub-bullet point on the different publications they offer.
  3. News updates on advancements and trends.
  4. Sub-bullet point highlighting specific examples.

4. Bonnier Corp

Bonnier Corp

Bonnier Corp is a name that is filled within the RV community. As a leading publisher of popular RV magazines such as MotorHome and Trailer Life, Bonnier Corp provides a wealth of information and inspiration to RVers of all levels. Their engaging content covers topics ranging from RV reviews and destination advice to lifestyle features and DIY projects. Bonnier Corp understands the different interests and needs of RV enthusiasts, making them a worthy competitor to Good Sam.

Services Offered by Bonnier Corp

  1. RV magazines give different preferences.
  2. The sub-bullet points to the unique aspects of each magazine.
  3. RV reviews and advice.
  4. Lifestyle features and DIY projects.

5. Randall Reilly LLC

Randall Reilly LLC

Randall Reilly LLC offers some services designed specifically for businesses working in the RV industry. With their deep knowledge and expertise, they assist companies in reaching their target audience effectively. Randall Reilly LLC’s strong marketing solutions span across various platforms, including print, digital, and data-driven marketing campaigns. They understand the complex RV market, making them a reliable competitor for businesses connecting with RV enthusiasts.

Services Offered by Randall Reilly LLC

  1. Marketing solutions made for the RV industry.
  2. Sub-bullet points present specific solutions.
  3. Print and digital advertising opportunities.
  4. Data-driven marketing campaigns.

6. CDK Global

CDK Global

CDK Global is a leading technology solutions provider for the automotive and recreation industries, including the RV sector. Their innovative platforms enable RV dealerships to manage various aspects of their business easily. CDK Global offers strong dealership management systems that combine complex inventory management, customer relationships, and financial operations into one important platform. By using cutting-edge technology, CDK Global provides V dealerships with the tools they need to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Services Offered by CDK Global

  1. Innovative dealership management systems for the RV industry.
  2. Merged inventory management.
  3. Streamlined customer relationship management.
  4. Financial operations optimization.

7. Dealertrack

Dealertrack Logo

Dealertrack, a Cox Automotive brand, provides a software solution that is made for efficient automotive and RV dealership operations. With their powerful platforms, RV dealerships can smooth various aspects of their business, including financing and registration. Dealertrack’s user-friendly interfaces and natural workflows make it easy for dealership staff to navigate through complex processes. By simplifying day-to-day operations, Dealertrack allows RV dealerships to focus on delivering exceptional customer service and driving growth.

Services Offered by Dealertrack

  1. Software solutions for efficient RV dealership operations.
  2. Sub-bullet point highlighting key features.
  3. Streamlined financing processes.
  4. Simplified registration and compliance workflows.


While Good Sam has established itself as a leader in the RV community, it’s important to think about some alternatives to find the best fit for your needs. Escapees Inc., Crain Communications Inc., Randall Reilly LLC, and AAA RV offer various services in different aspects of the RV industry.

You can also try CDK Global and Dealertrack. By checking these competitors, you can find options that go with your preferences and improve your RVing experience.

We hope that you are satisfied with other competitors and have selected the best for you.

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