The Benefits of Camping With a Sofa

Camping with a sofa can be a great way to enjoy a getaway with the additional benefit of comfort. Not only will you be able to sit around a campfire on a comfy piece of …

The Benefits of Camping With a Sofa
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Camping with a sofa can be a great way to enjoy a getaway with the additional benefit of comfort. Not only will you be able to sit around a campfire on a comfy piece of furniture that you know and love – you could even place it inside your tent to really relax and unwind. But what are the benefits of camping with a sofa and why might you want to do so?

Why camp with a sofa?

Why not? They are a great way to relax, get comfortable, enjoy the luxuries of home and more. Whether you’re glamping or taking advantage of a free weekend with a spot of traditional camping, a good sofa can go a long way toward your enjoyment. At we offer a great variety of easily transportable sofas which can be easily loaded, unloaded and then positioned at your camping ground with minimal fuss.

Is it really a good idea to camp with a sofa in town?

Certainly, especially if you’re looking to enjoy a few home comforts without having to bring your entire living room. The great thing about camping near a town is that you’ll be close to most amenities, making it easy to top up with a 6-pack of beers, head down to the local supermarket to pick up some bits for the barbecue, or stay nearby facilities if you find yourself in need of them. What’s more, is that your sofa will likely become a talking point for other campers – meaning that you could make new friends and invite them to enjoy some comfort while you chill in front of the campfire.

What can you do with a sofa while camping?

From relaxing and watching the stars, to putting your feet up while your dinner cooks; your options will be almost endless. Rather than sitting on the cold, often wet and dirty floor, you could lay down some tarpaulin, place your sofa on top and then unwind however you prefer. If you’re near a fishing spot, you could even carry your furniture to the river edge and then enjoy a little sofa-fishing. There are simply so many exciting possibilities that we’re sure you’ll run out of time before you get through all of your ideas.

Can you protect your sofa when camping?

Yes. In fact, a cover, throw, or even a piece of waterproof sheeting can help to keep your sofa safe from the elements and as clean as the moment you loaded it up ready for your camping trip. If you’re planning on making a campfire, be sure to leave at least 2 metres of distance between your sofa and the flames – and not just for the sake of safety, but because your upholstery might end up overheating from the fire and discolour.

Is camping with a sofa a good idea?

Camping with a sofa doesn’t have to be stressful; in fact, we’re sure that once you’ve made arrangements to transport it, the potential to relax and enjoy your trip will make themselves known in a matter of minutes. A few great sofa styles to take with you are those that are portable, easy to lift, simple to carry and still boast all of the relaxing benefits and luxuries that you could imagine. At Chill Sofas, we offer all of these features and more, so why not take a look at our range of luxury, affordable sofas and pick the perfect one for your next trip?

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