What Happened to MotorHome Magazine?

The MotorHome Magazine has been shut for two years now. It was one of the oldest and favorite magazines for every RV-er. The masses appreciated the content published in the magazine. Therefore, it became a …

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The MotorHome Magazine has been shut for two years now. It was one of the oldest and favorite magazines for every RV-er. The masses appreciated the content published in the magazine. Therefore, it became a matter of extreme disappointment for the customers when the Good Sam Club’s CEO stopped printing the magazine, calling it a “customer-requested move.”

MotorHome Magazine was at the top of the list when it came to lifestyle, travel, and technology-related tips for motorhome enthusiasts. The new members of the RV community who do not know about MotorHome magazine and why it was considered the no.1.

In this article, we will find out about what happened with the world-famous RV lifestyle magazine. And what new face does this MotorHome magazine now have?

But First, What Was The MotorHome Magazine, and How It Started?

MotorHome magazine began as MotorHome Life in 1968. It was like a buyer guide for motorhomes. The first issue featured 88 models within 96 pages. After that, the magazine took a huge turn and got pretty successful; because of this, the publisher Art Rouse decided to grant the magazine bi-monthly status in 1971.

Then, MotorHome Life combined with Camper Coachman from 1975-1978. Then it came in partnership for a short period with Van Life and Family Trucking from 1980-1981. After several issues and collaborations, the publishers realized that they need a magazine solely for motorized vehicles. Then ‘MotorHome magazine’ was born in 1982.

motor home magazine

From its initial stage to the finale, it never stopped delivering the best information to the owners of motorized vehicles. It used to cover every topic, from the best RV products to the alternative fuel used in the RV. All the issues related to the industry were used to get published in it.

The best part about the magazine was it used to fulfill its promises of providing unparalleled information on the RV lifestyle. Tips from certified professionals, the best RV products, technology, new products, etc., all were published and made accessible to motorhome owners.

Why Did MotorHome Magazine Shut Down?

Now that we know MotorHome magazine let’s find out the reason behind its shutdown. Many people were not happy when the magazine was called off. The magazine published its final issue in December 2020.

Good Sam’s Club CEO Marcus Lemonis said, “As the RV and the outdoor industry continues its rapid growth, we are investing heavily in a full-circle solution of content that enhances the lifestyle. We feel strongly that it is the right time to launch this community and cater to all RV and outdoor enthusiasts – from beginners to experts – tent campers to motorhome owners, and everyone in between – and the answer is RV.com and ‘RV Magazine.'”

He further said that the Club’s role is to protect, inspire, inform and bring the best ideas and solutions to RV and outdoor enthusiasts. The organization wants to make it easy for the consumers of each section in the RV community to access the information provided. In addition, they want to make it more inclusive of all the outdoorsy and RV people.

The good thing is that they are not entirely cutting down the magazines and their content from the market. The website of MotorHome and Trailer Life magazines will continue to provide valuable information to the individual segments of the RV lifestyle. In addition, TrailerLife.com will become a complete lifestyle brand for the company focused on specific products and services for the towable enthusiast.

MotorHome.com will convert into a motorhome marketplace for showcasing products and services needed to enhance and protect the investment for the motorized RV consumer- as stated in the news release.

So you can find MotorHome magazine’s reviews, how-to, and lists on its website. It has been beneficial for the RV owners.

RV Magazine – New Version

The new version of the old MotorHome magazine is RV Magazine. The publication has been made from the merger of the two famous magazines. It has been in the market since January 2021 and covers many subjects around RV. It has gained a lot of popularity among RV and outdoor enthusiasts and is being appreciated well.

It is a physical magazine, so that you can subscribe to it, and then you can receive it at your home. It also has a website to access.

Let’s see what the contents are provided in the newly replaced magazine and if it is worth the hype.

RV.com and RV Magazine

The publishers have made some serious efforts to provide better content than ever in the RV magazine and website, as claims the CEO of the Club. For example, RV.com and RV magazine features reviews for all RV types, product unveiling of the exclusive manufacturers, affordable ideas for conversion, best travel destinations, trending products, etc.

RV magazine

Innovations and safety tips for the outdoors are highlighted in the contents. In addition, the magazine provides information on reviews and gives tips and tricks in the technology to help the owners on the road. Insights from the experts and RV influencers also share their experiences and expertise in the matter.

It has become a one-stop destination for every RV-er and outdoor enthusiast.

Marcus Lemonis said that the magazine is going to provide outdoor enthusiasts with everything so that it can enhance their lifestyle. He said, “Through our partnerships with leading industry experts, we are fortunate to provide the passion, innovation, and quality information our readers deserve and ultimately elevate their RV and outdoor experience.” in the news release.


We saw the journey of America’s favorite MotorHome magazine turning into a new, evolved, and the better magazine named RV Magazine. For every RV-er and new enthusiast who wants to join the RV community, this magazine can be a great guide.

The name has been changed, but the content and its quality are improved. So the people who love MotorHome magazine can try this magazine, and it will not disappoint you. The best part is that it’s available both online and in the physical magazine format too.

So all RV-ers and outdoor enthusiasts, a new magazine covering every topic related to the RV world is now out in the market.

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