What is an EMS?

RV electrical systems are sensitive and can get easily damaged during power surges. A simple surge protector may not be enough for many electrical issues. EMS, which stands for Electrical Management System, is a device …

What is an EMS
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RV electrical systems are sensitive and can get easily damaged during power surges. A simple surge protector may not be enough for many electrical issues. EMS, which stands for Electrical Management System, is a device or system used to protect and manage the electrical systems in an RV or trailer.

It protects your RV from low voltage, voltage spikes, open ground, and open neutral, accidentally plugging in the wrong outlet of a higher voltage and reverse polarity. It is basically used to ensure the safe and efficient use of electrical power from external sources like campgrounds.

There are also roadside assistance associations that help out in case the electrical system of your RV or the EMS malfunctions. There is, in fact, a popular debate over Good Sam vs AAA and which one is better.

This guide will help you understand all the key uses of an EMS.

Uses of an EMS in RV

Uses of an EMS in RV

Here are some key uses of having an EMS in your RV:

1. Protection from Power Surges

Electric management systems typically include surge protectors to protect the RV’s electrical system from voltage spikes and power surges. These voltage irregularities can happen due to factors like lightning strikes, faulty wiring, or problems with the power source. Surge protectors prevent these power surges from damaging electronics and appliances in the RV.

2. Voltage Regulation

Some EMS units are capable of regulating voltage. They can stabilize incoming power, ensuring it remains within safe and permissible limits. This is specifically useful in areas that have fluctuating power stations. This is a common phenomenon in campgrounds.

3. Polarity and Wiring

An Electrical Management System can check the polarity and wiring of the electrical connection in the RV. An EMS ensures that the electrical writing is set up properly and that there are no kinks and faults anywhere. This is important to make sure that there are no accidents and safety hazards. If there is a problem somewhere, an EMS helps prevent power from flowing into the RV until the problem is resolved.

4. Protection from Overloads

Electrical Management Systems can prevent overloading of the RV’s electrical system. They keep a record of the amount of power that is needed by all the connected devices, appliances, and equipment and can disconnect the power if the load exceeds safety levels. This is important to prevent electrical fires and damage to the RV’s wiring.

You can see why it is important to have an EMS in your RV.

User-Friendly Components of an EMS

User-Friendly Components of an EMS

Here are some components of an EMS that make it easier for RV owners and technicians to monitor and locate electrical issues quickly.

1. Information Record

Many Electrical Management Systems record diagnostic problems and have error codes recorded to help RV owners and professional technicians locate electrical problems safely so that they can fix them quickly. This information is important to identify and address problems with the electrical system of the RV.

2. Remote Monitoring

Some higher-end EMS offers owners the benefit of being able to monitor the electric system of the RV safely. RV owners can check the state of their electrical system and receive alerts and notifications on their smartphones or other devices. This is useful for people who wish to monitor their RV’s electrical system but cannot be physically present often.

3. Display and User Interface

Almost all Electrical Management Systems have a display or user interface that provides real-time information about the status of the electrical system. It includes information about voltage levels, current loads, and error codes. RV owners can operate the EMS through this interface to change or customize settings and view any diagnostic information.

Electrical Management Systems are very important to protect your RV from electrical problems, avoid safety hazards, and maintain consistent power while traveling. Many types of EMS have different features and are suited for different voltage RVs. Choose the one that is most suited to your needs.

What to Choose: Good Sam or AAA?

What to Choose Good Sam or AAA

Good Sam and AAA are roadside assistance programs that are available when your RV or your vehicle is stranded on the side of the road. Stranded RVs have different needs, and it is important to understand which association will suit you.

Here are some key differences between Good Sam and AAA.

  • Good Sam is a national organization, while AAA is a federation comprising more than 30 local and regional clubs.
  • Good Sam offers services specifically to RVs, whereas AAA is for vehicles with optional RV add-ons.
  • The benefits and discounts offered by Good Sam are RV-specific, but those offered by AAA are more inclusive and cover multiple needs and vehicles.
  • AAA has a blanket membership covering roadside assistance and the discount club. Good Sam, on the other hand, has separate memberships for both roadside assistance and discounts related to RVs.

Both associations are good and offer a variety of benefits. You have to determine which is best for you.


An EMS is an important device for RV owners who want to protect their RVs from electrical problems, maintain safety while traveling, and protect all appliances in the RV that are connected and maintain consistent power when traveling or camping. Electrical Management Systems come in multiple configurations and offer different benefits and features. It is important to choose the one that is most suited to your needs.

Similarly, roadside assistance programs like Good Sam and AAA offer different services, so you should choose the one that suits your needs best. While Good Sam offers services exclusively to RV owners, AAA is more inclusive and offers services to various vehicles.

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