Built-In Attic Wardrobes For Smaller Spaces

Many will agree that their attics resemble those spaces from old horror movies, where the space is cluttered and serial killers/monsters/other terrible creatures hide. Well, people today don’t live in horror movies, so it’s best …

Built-In Attic Wardrobes For Smaller Spaces
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Many will agree that their attics resemble those spaces from old horror movies, where the space is cluttered and serial killers/monsters/other terrible creatures hide. Well, people today don’t live in horror movies, so it’s best to use the available space (which is scarce, by the way) in a modern way: by using the attic to transform it into something more useful.

If you have a tiny attic and a smaller home in general, this article is for you. You will learn about loft conversion via built in attic wardrobes and other means.

What Is Loft Conversion: Can You Transform Your Attic Space?

Before we dive into tips and other shenanigans, let’s first figure out what loft conversion is and whether it’s a possibility for your home. As you may have figured out from the heading, a loft conversion is a transformation of your dusty and cluttered attic into, well, a loft or, in other words, a living area.

It could be a home office, a gaming room with table football, a bedroom, or even a home cinema. The thing is, not every attic can be transformed, so that’s the first thing you should figure out: is your space transformable? These are the factors you should consider:

  • You need at least 2.2 meters between the top of the floor joists and the bottom of the ridge timber. This ensures a comfortable 2 meters of headroom once new floors and beams are in place.
  • Ask yourself if the floor area is large enough to create a usable room. The available space will also influence the type of loft conversion you should opt for.
  • The steeper your roof’s pitch, the easier the conversion process. Steeper pitches provide more headroom and, consequently, more usable space.
  • Your roof can have traditional cut rafters, making conversions relatively straightforward, or pre-formed trusses, which complicate and increase the cost of conversions.
  • Older properties may have water tanks and chimney stacks that need to be addressed. These could either be removed or factored into the conversion’s design.

Understanding these factors will help you determine the feasibility of converting your attic space into fitted wardrobes and a functional room. Remember, a successful loft conversion not only adds value to your home but also enhances your living space and offers a snug retreat, a comfy home office, or an organized storage area.

So, assess your attic’s potential, but only if it’s a possibility in your case. It would be a shame if you’d begun buying materials only to learn later that loft conversion is not possible.

Tips And Ideas On Transforming A Small Attic

Clearly, loft transformation is especially fitting for smaller homes, as it would be a pity to have an entire room cluttered with items that no one uses. However, some people are blessed with huge attics, and others have limited areas. If you belong to the latter case, we have a few ideas that you can use to transform the attic into something useful.

Built-In Wardrobes For Storage

If your attic space is on the smaller side, consider installing minimal built-in sliding wardrobes. These clever storage solutions are designed to save space while keeping your essentials organized.

You can even customize them with drawers and hanging rails tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer a sleek, double-shaded sliding wardrobe, furniture with an open display, or a minimalistic item, the choice is yours.

An Attic Bedroom

If you crave some extra room, why not convert your attic into a spare bedroom? Even if your attic is small, how does that affect the decision to create a bedroom? After all, a bedroom requires a comfy bed, storage space, and lighting, and you’re good to go (or sleep, in this case).

Attic conversions often make cozy guest rooms or additional sleeping quarters. It’s a cost-effective way to expand your living space without major and expensive renovations.

A Home Office

Looking for a quiet workspace away from the never-ending screams of your kids or an overall atmosphere of hustle and bustle? Your attic could become a small office oasis and even a comfy retreat space.

All you need is a compact desk with dual drawers and an ergonomic chair. It may not be a sprawling office, but it’s perfect for getting work done without distractions. You can also fit in a fitted wardrobe to store documents and extra clothing items and shoes.

Attic Bookcases/Libraries

If you thought you didn’t have room for custom bookshelves, think again; because if you have an attic, you have room for favorite books. Your attic space can be transformed into bespoke bookcases. For example, an L-shaped design can fit into almost any attic layout, providing a home for your beloved books.

Moreover, this solution is ideal for people who want to still use attics as storage space. You can combine storage for books and clothing/other items while also bringing a comfy armchair or a sofa to get a comfy retreat/library.

Final Thoughts

It’s a shame that people don’t value their attics as they provide extra space that we all so need in the modern era. If we are being honest here, an attic can become anything that you want as long as it meets the characteristics necessary for a loft transformation. If you need a home office – transform your attic. Need a guest room – clean up the clutter and make loft transformation possible. The possibilities are endless, you just need to make the first step.


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